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'3D Renderings' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
The Matterport Revolution of Virtual Tours with 3D Renderings (CGI Tour) JPMoris 14 5 monthsselder76 (105): Honestly I don't even think its good for the advanced user, meaning someone who wants to actually make money at this job :). Someday.
How to build a full CGI Matterport tour? skyload300 29 2 yearsskyload300 (252): hi, yes sure, I will put one together and share it for everyone to benefit. I am on the road these days.. Will post here once done. H
[R&D] Using 3D renders to simulate interactions in a 360 space Tosolini 6 3 yearsTosolini (4177): @eagleprecision I started using SeekBeak several years ago and I'm very happy about it. It's purely a SaaS offering, so there is no offline capability. The developer is very responsive, and its support is first class. We also use 3DVista, which has probably a more modern UI being a real app, and slightly more features. My suggestion is to give SeekBeak a try for sure.
Exterior Elevation Renderings and 3D Walkthrough from blueprints BlueImmersiveMedia 8 3 yearsftosolini (268): @richardbollands Hello, Richard, yes, some are done with Twinmotion, and others with 3DSMax. I hope this can help!
BoxBrownie Interior 360 Rendering EaglePrecision 9 4 yearsEaglePrecision (289): Thank you for all the info. Have you tried anyone else for comparison?
Virtual and 3D Renderings - Real Experience and Excellent Customer Service BlueImmersiveMedia 5 4 yearsBlueImmersiveMedia (297): @ArchimedStudio Thank you. No, not looking for cheap. Quality work, efficient process and reasonable turn around are my priorities. And, my goal is to have ONE vendor for virtual staging, 3D floor plans, etc. @MortenKrog Yes, all of that. One vendor preferably. Look, (Im still frustrated, this is my frustrated voice) I have talked to some really nice people with quality work in this field. And it is competitive out there for them (and us). ...
3D Rendering Options of Construction Matterport Model CompleteImagery 10 4 yearsCompleteImagery (25): @ftosolini Nice work. I will message you details for a quote.
3D Exterior Elevation / Rendering RPOceanic 6 6 yearsRPOceanic (215): My thoughts are to pitch / use aerial shot w/ 3D model on lot, boundaries marked on Threesixty Tours. Shot features lot/views, details neighborhood amenities, with links to lot site/grading plans, floorpan, virtual model tour.