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'.pdf' Topics

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Mattertags Not Working : PDF ThinkLab 5 2 yearsWingman (4267): I have mentioned many times that most clouds are not suitable for loading anything into Mattertags. Clouds do not spit back binary data of a document you are calling from them. They return HTML code that contains a lot of things. Fo example when you try to open an image from a cloud(say Google Photos) through HTTP(s)(url is using http(s)) you are getting an interface for editing, a viewer to display the called image and on top of that you will...
Matterport Wish List: Mattertags DanSmigrod 10 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): Open thread to view post.
How can I make an interactive PDF? Need help. rodrigocastillo 3 3 yearsironwills (29): It is quite simple. Open an existing PDF, like the map. Then choose Tools > Edit PDF > Link > Add or Edit. Just add the MP link. Adobe help page: let me know if you need more help -Jennifer
A new day, a new problem with MP sandhun 5 4 yearsmp2fp (509): Dear @sandhun Instead of spending a lot of time to find out a best way as an alternative we can make any CAD file from any Matterport proj or Matterpack for you and your customers. Matterpack XYZ will be the most accurate as input and it usually is important when someone want CAD files. Send us a link to with input of one of your projects and we will give you a detailed feedback and example including info how you can...
360 pics to a PDF lucadeal 7 6 yearsrpetersn (2010): Hi Luca... If you are embedding still images or PDFs into a Marker, you'll want to use Google Drive to host that content as an embeddable <iframe>. For 360 images that you want to place on top of the floorplan, you'll want to first create a "Tour" and then assign Floorplan as well as the various 360's to that Tour. I've gone in and gotten you started by creating a "Floorplan Test" tour for you that includes just the...
Add PDF to Mattertag 3SixtyNow 17 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30409): @3SixtyNow Zamzar should enable .pdf to URL conversion. Can you check? Also, please try Docdroid for .pdf to URL conversion. Because Docdroid is friendly, it should seamlessly work with Matterport. Still visiting with family ... thanks for letting us know if either of these solutions work for you. Best, Dan