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Matterport + Meero + VRBO/HomeAway = Exponential Growth9535

WGAN Forum
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WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: HomeAway Virtual Tours: Today | Video courtesy of HomeAway YouTube Channel

Screen Grab from Matterport Workshop | Apps Tab

Matterport + Meero + VRBO/HomeAway = Exponential Growth

Hi All,

Yesterday (4 June 2019), I wrote about:

A MSP Business Model & Workflow to Ace VRBO/HomeAway for Property Managers

Today, some caution on this business model:

In the last eight months, four (seemingly) unrelated news items have appeared in the WGAN Forum:

Meero Announces Partnership with Matterport (3 October 2018)
HomeAway and VRBO Vacation Rentals: Matterport versus InsideMaps (13 November 2019)
Transcript: Matterport CEO RJ Pittman on Facebook Live Thursday-9 May 2019
Ricoh Theta Z1 Officially in Matterport Public Beta Testing
How to Publish 360º Tour to VRBO and HomeAway via Matterport Workshop V3.0

I could imagine that the vision of HomeAway/VRBO is that every vacation rental listing include a 360º tour or 3D Tour (eventually).

To scale quickly, HomeAway/VRBO needs three things (the big bang):

1. A company capable of booking thousands of 3D/360º photographers around the globe for Property Management Companies (That's Meero)
2. Thousands of 3D/360º photographers around the globe (that's MSPs)
3. A booking market place – the Uber of 3D/360º photographers – to enable vacation rental owners to book a 3D/360º shoot (and for 2D photos) (like the WGAN Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare)

I could imagine that the strategic alliance between Matterport and Meero checks the box for #1 and #2 (Related WGAN Forum discussion: Is Matterport a Service Company or is Matterport a Software Company?)

I could imagine that Matterport is working on creating a market place to enable #3. Matterport Service Providers will have an opportunity to opt-in.

The puzzle pieces are the five (seemingly) unrelated news items notes above.

1. The strategic alliance announcement by Matterport and Meero
2. HomeAways and VRBO vision for every vacation rental listing to include a 360º or 3D tour
4. Ricoh Theta Z1 and Insta360 One X compatibility with Matterport to enable a workflow for a quick shoot
5. Unlimited processing (a critical piece to making the above possible) (plus unlimited archiving)
6. Matterport CEO RJ Pittman alluding to plans for the MSP program: (from Transcript: Matterport CEO RJ Pittman on Facebook Live Thursday-9 May 2019)

RJ Pittman: ... When I spoke earlier about how does Matterport achieve such lofty ambitions well beyond the footprint of Matterport spaces around the globe today. And it doesn't come from just selling more cameras. It doesn't. It comes from activating and scaling the Matterport, the MSP network.

RJ Pittman: And again, not even close to lip service it's a core strategic tent pole in the company, people have asked about, and mentioned our investors and all sorts of things on this call, which again, I'm happy to talk a bit about, but it's also what they're excited about.

RJ Pittman: It's what I saw in the company as one of the ways that we're going to achieve escape velocity is by really activating that network. And I've heard that historically that was part of the ambition, previous to my joining it to really mobilize, work together to mobilize that MSP network, and we have not done an on-par job there. I can't fix everything on day one and just flip the table on it, but we're systematically working through it. And we don't have 100 tent poles to drive the strategy of the company, but this is one.

RJ Pittman: This is one really important one for us that we are committed to and I think, I'm confident you'll see if we're on track with continuing to invest in this area, a lot of good news coming from us in this category later this year [2019].

So, if I am right about "the big bang" about to take place later in 2019, if you are planning to jump on A MSP Business Model & Workflow to Ace VRBO/HomeAway for Property Managers, know that you may have a short window because your competition will be venture-backed Meero (targeting Vacation Rental Property Management Companies and "the Uber of" marketplace targeting VRBO/HomeAway vacation rental property owners) and venture-backed Matterport (targeting all verticals); and publicly traded Expedite (HomeAway/VRBO).

What do you think will happen and why?

[By the way, when you multiple the above "times" every place-based vertical, you can see why the demand for Service Provides will one day exceed the number of Service Providers (our rates go up).]

While outdoor spaces are being mapped by Google, Matterport wants to map the world of indoor spaces. Service Provides want to do both!

Exponential growth is coming to our space. I can't wait for the future to arrive.


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Bon Secour, Alabama
Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user

Well, I'm sure it will be exponential growth for those few who Homeaway & Matterport have deemed to be worthy recipients of this technology, while the rest of us get ready to mop up the crumbs!

Dan, I really do appreciate you showing the potential. I'm so frustrated with the "givers of technology" that I can't see straight. I live in an area with 20,000+ properties listed on VRBO. I know countless property managers, owners of vacation rental establishments, etc. etc. etc.. I've literally BEGGED MP to do this since I've owned the camera, and since VRBO purged their listings of all 3rd party links (including MP models). BUT for some reason, I (who have been doing this since 2016) am somehow unworthy of being able to take advantage of this feature. I guess this is what our politicians call "picking winners and losers". Thanks, so much, Homeaway and MP for relegating me to the latter category.

Any suggestions out there?

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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A related WGAN Forum discussion:

Slides from HomeAway/VRB0 Webinar for Property Managers Today 12 June 2019

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