Video: Allseated Partners with Matterport and Delivers 30% Increase in Sales for Hospitality Clients
| Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 13 January 2022


Sandy Hammer: I was a corporate planner for a big high-tech company and ran events all over the world and I think through my pains, that's really how Allseated began.

Basically what I wanted to do was digitalize the industry. Today we're very excited.

We have about 85,000 planners in our system and over 40,000 venues. We have a very, very big network and we run thousands and thousands of events today with the largest date bank of scaled floor plans in the United States.

Obviously, when you're running events, scaling of a venue is a very big issue. Our tools allowed it to be real-time dynamic. You could actually drop and drag a table from our library.

We have a very dynamic product that allowed you with inside the product to actually on the diagram on the floor plan, to change the tables and the layout at anytime in any direction that the client actually wants it.

Everything's very tagged within our system, so now you're walking around the plaza, you're changing the tables, but you're also having a video conferencing call. You're having this type of a video conferencing call, you're actually walking, talking, communicating.

You almost all having a virtual party. We really dive into the technology within our program.