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Transcript: WGAN-TV | Matterport Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview16187

Atlanta, Georgia
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WGAN-TV | New! Matterport Live Guided Tour – Video Chat – powered by Nodalview | Guest: Nodalview Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Lepelaars | Episode: #129 | Thursday, 6 January 2022 | | @ThomasNodalview


Image 1 (above): Image courtesy of Nodalview

Image 2 (above): Image courtesy of Nodalview

Image 3 (above): Image courtesy of Nodalview

Screen Grab courtesy of Nodalview Virtual Visit Micro-Site Image 3 (above): Image courtesy of Nodalview

Video: Nodalview - The sales and marketing platform for successful real estate agents | Video courtesy of Nodalview YouTube Channel | 18 November 2021

Screen Grab from this Nodalview Video (also above)

WGAN-TV | Matterport Live Guided Tour (Video Chat) powered by Nodalview

Hi All,

Transcript below ...

For Matterport Service Providers, Matterport Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview can help you:

1. Differentiate you from other Matterport Service Providers
2. Help your clients win more and bigger premium listings (which means more shoots for you)
3. With residential real estate listings AND commercial real estate, event spaces, boats, and more

Plus ...

Get a 14-day free trial - no credit card required - to demo to your clients (and prospects).

What are your take-aways from watching this demo of Matterport Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview?


New! Nodalview enables live guided tours (video chat) within Matterport digital twins (in addition to live guided tours (video chat) within Nodalview 360 virtual tours.

On Thursday, 6 January 2021, Brussels, Belgium based Nodalview Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Lepelaars will be my guest for:

WGAN-TV | Matterport Live Guided Tour (Video Chat) powered by Nodalview

Thomas will do a live guide tour demo within a Matterport digital twin and talk about the features and benefits of its new partnership with Matterport that enables live guided tours (video chat) with a Matterport digital twin.

Questions That I Will Ask Thomas on WGAN-TV Live at 5

Here are some of the questions that I anticipate asking Thomas about the Matterport live guided virtual tour powered by Nodalview:

✓ What is a live guided virtual tour?
✓ What are the advantages of a live guided virtual tour?
✓ Do properties sell faster and at a higher price with the guided virtual tour?
✓ Will live guided virtual tours help real estate agents win more and bigger listings?
✓ What's the difference between a virtual tour and a guided virtual tour?
✓ Is a guided virtual tour like an in-person tour?
✓ When should a real estate agent offer a guided virtual tour?
✓ Do visitors have to be together behind the same device to visit the property at the same time?
✓ Is it possible to show another property during the guided virtual tour?
✓ Is it possible to visit a property remotely from a smartphone?
✓ Does a guided virtual tour help grow a real estate photographer's business?

✓ Pricing?

What questions that I should ask Thomas when he is my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5?

Recent Nodalview Media Coverage and Media Release

Nodalview Media Release (9 December 2021) Nodalview Offers Vide-Enabled Live Guided Tours/Lead Generation within Matterport Digital Twins
Archyworldys (27 October 2021) How Nodalview wants to transform real estate professionals into connected agents

About Nodalview (Info Provided by Nodalview)
Nodalview is a powerful sales and marketing platform built for the real estate industry. By leveraging high quality visual assets and immersive content, real estate agents can build winning sales strategies to better attract, engage and qualify potential customers while delivering a modern online buying experience.

With Nodalview, agents can grow their online presence, close deals faster with tangible data insights and match the right buyers with the right home.

At Nodalview, we believe in the modernization of the real estate industry through cutting edge technology and a customer-centric experience that helps agents sell faster and in a more effective way, while keeping a strong human-first approach.

Nodalview supports over 10,000 real estate agents in 30 different countries with an international footprint counting 80+ employees from 10 different nationalities. Nodalview is backed by premium investors from Ghent, London and Madrid.

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Nodalview Links

Nodalview website
Matterport live guided tour powered by Nodalview
Nodalview live guided tour powered by Nodalview
Matterport Live Guided Tour (Video Chat) powered by Nodalview Media Release
✓ LinkedIn: Thomas Lepelaars
✓ Facebook: Nodalview
✓ Instagram: nodalview
Try Nodalview 14-Day Free Trial
Book a free Nodalview Demo

Nodalview Team | Nodalview Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Lepelaars pictured on second row/centered/grey top | Image courtesy of Nodalview


Nodalview Media Release | is a [url=]WGAN Sponsor

Image 1 (above): Image courtesy of Nodalview

Image 2 (above): Image courtesy of Nodalview

Image 3 (above): Image courtesy of Nodalview

Nodalview announces partnership with Matterport to unlock a modern online real estate experience.
Nodalview Offers Vide-Enabled Guided Tours/Lead Generation within Matterport Digital Twins

Nodalview's technology lets agents seamlessly invite potential buyers to remotely join video-enabled sessions and guide them through the [Matterport] digital twin as they would do during an in-person tour. While agents have full control of the tour, they can also let prospective buyers virtually walk around independently, replicating the typical experience of an in-person viewing for maximum impact.

Brussels, December 9, 2021 - Nodalview, the innovative sales and marketing platform for real estate professionals is excited to announce its partnership with Matterport, the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world. The partnership lets agents use Matterport’s state-of-the-art digital twins on Nodalview’s unique real estate-focused sales enablement platform.

Founded in 2016, Nodalview is a European Proptech that today empowers more than 10,000 real estate professionals worldwide to better attract, engage, and qualify candidates online, by leveraging high quality property visuals including photos, virtual tours, and videos.

With the integration of Matterport digital twins to their platform, Nodalview aims to strengthen their ambition to help real estate agents use immersive content and data to deliver a modern and efficient sales process.

A Human-First Approach
The strongly fragmented real estate market of which 98% of companies are micro enterprises (less than 10 FTE) is fueled by the need for buyers and sellers to find a trustworthy local and experienced professional. This is explained by real estate often representing the most significant transaction of a lifetime. This reality proves that today’s consumers aren't willing to completely outsource a transaction this big and personal purely to technology, reinforcing the importance of human interaction during this process.

“Becoming the preferred partner in this transaction is today’s main challenge for real estate agents with buyers and sellers that have become increasingly demanding in this digital era” says Thomas Lepelaars, CEO and Co-founder of Nodalview. “Our mission at Nodalview is to build software that empowers real estate professionals to deliver a richer buying experience while keeping a human-first approach.”

Digital Experiences are on the Rise in a Booming Market
Like many others, the real estate industry has been shaken by the global pandemic, forcing years of digital adoption in just a couple of months. As the world began instituting stay-at-home orders, the use of virtual tours on real estate listings has boomed with a rapid adoption by consumers who wanted to search for homes in a manner that was convenient and safe for both home shoppers and homeowners. These immersive experiences have proven to be a convenient and effective way to qualify potential properties to visit, alongside traditional photography and video.

While virtual digital experiences are on the rise, in-person tours will always remain an important part of the traditional real estate transaction, even in the hot post-pandemic real estate market. With Nodalview’s platform, agents maximize the ROI of their 3D tours by leveraging the same content multiple times in the buying or rental journey, driving innovation and efficiency to the traditional search process.

A Modern, Human Buying Experience
In real estate, each property has its unique selling points that often can’t be translated visually. By combining high fidelity Matterport digital twins with Nodalview, [real estate] agents can conduct immersive digital viewings. Nodalview's technology lets agents seamlessly invite potential buyers to remotely join video-enabled sessions and guide them through the digital twin as they would do during an in-person tour. While [real estate] agents have full control of the tour, they can also let prospective buyers virtually walk around independently, replicating the typical experience of an in-person viewing for maximum impact.

Thanks to Nodalview, consumers combine the benefit of a Matterport experience with the comfort of having expert advice from an agent. This not only lets agents fully understand whether the property meets the search criteria of the buyers, but also lets the agents easily switch between listings, making the search even more convenient as agents can showcase multiple properties in their portfolio. All of this is possible without losing time in transportation, from the comfort of one’s own home or office without the need for buyers and agents to be physically together to engage with property visits.

Alongside guided virtual tours, Nodalview also lets agents natively embed lead generation forms, track specific engagement and better understand how online leads are navigating their 3D digital twins. Ultimately, these unique data-driven insights help real estate agents not only sell faster and in a more effective way, but also enable fact-based reporting to sellers.

Thomas Lepelaars, Co-Founder & CEO of Nodalview
"We are seeing that the top performing agents are now systematically shooting virtual tours to offer this modern and convenient buying experience to both the sellers and the buyers. Agents adopting this modern sales process have a true competitive edge in a hot market, bringing a higher chance of selling faster and at the best price. We are thrilled to partner with Matterport to reinforce this experience with state-of-the-art 3D digital twins and offer the modern real estate agent the most effective tools to exceed today’s buyers and sellers expectations."

Conway Chen, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances of Matterport
“The ability to gain access to properties virtually has become an expectation of real estate buyers around the world. For homeowners, virtual home tours drive increased visibility and digital traffic to their homes, helping them sell faster. Nodalview is a key partner in our efforts to drive the digital transformation of the built world. Together with Nodalview, we’re excited to enable more real estate agents to capture digital twins of their properties and help enhance their customer engagement experiences.”

About Nodalview
Nodalview is a powerful sales and marketing platform built for the real estate industry. By leveraging high quality visual assets and immersive content, real estate agents can build winning sales strategies to better attract, engage and qualify potential customers while delivering a modern online buying experience.

With Nodalview, agents can grow their online presence, close deals faster with tangible data insights and match the right buyers with the right home.

At Nodalview, we believe in the modernization of the real estate industry through cutting edge technology and a customer-centric experience that helps agents sell faster and in a more effective way, while keeping a strong human-first approach.

Nodalview supports over 10,000 real estate agents in 30 different countries with an international footprint counting 80+ employees from 10 different nationalities. Nodalview is backed by premium investors from Ghent, London and Madrid.

About Matterport
Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Our groundbreaking spatial data platform turns buildings into data to make spaces more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 150 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing. Learn more at:

©2021 Matterport, Inc. All rights reserved. Matterport is a registered trademark and the Matterport logo is a trademark of Matterport, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

Nodalview Team | Nodalview Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Lepelaars pictured on second row/centered/grey top | Image courtesy of Nodalview

Source: Nodalview

Transcript Below
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Dan Smigrod: Hi, all. I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Thursday, January 6th, 2022 and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.

We have an awesome show for you today, Matterport Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview and here to talk to us and show us a demo of Matterport Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview is Thomas Lepelaars.

Thomas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nodalview based in Brussels, Belgium. Hey Thomas, Good to see you again.

Thomas Lepelaars: Hey Dan, pleased to be with you tonight.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Thomas, I got 1,000 questions for you. But before we get to those questions, how about jumping right into a demo of a Matterport Live Guided Tour powered by Nodalview?

Thomas Lepelaars: Sure. What I suggest is I'll just start sharing my screen as people can see exactly what we're talking about.

Basically what Nodalview has done is we've integrated all of the power of a Matterport 3D digital twin, and we've been working quite hard to be able to integrate that into the Nodal View ecosystem. Here as you see, I have a tour with the Matterport link and I have a very simple one-click button which will allow me to create this live session.

A live session is something that is, sorry, it's already open here. A live session is a two-way session that I can initiate as a real estate agent, whether potential... As you see, I'm here in my environment, I'm inside of a Matterport tour. I have my webcam and I can invite participants, so Dan, as we have discussed, I'll send you a special SMS link to invite my participants.

There's multiple ways to invite participants. Here the perfect scenario is you have an interested person who's looking at a property on a marketplace website. It could be Zillow, it could be whatever portals we are used to and you're just interested by property and someone reached out saying, I'm interested in buying property. I want to go and visit.

Everyone knows that there's a huge hot real estate market. What you really want to do today as a modern real-estate agent is, "I want to make sure then that the house that you calling me for really fits your needs." What I'm going to do is I'm just going to say, "of course then just give me your phone number and I can invite you to a Live Guided Tour."

You've provided me a phone number up front or before and I can simply send you an SMS [text message] and you should have received already an SMS with a special link which allows you to join this session as a participant. Here we are on the same session that I invited you right before.

But then maybe this is a time where you can switch to your screen to see how you get this.

Dan Smigrod: Let's see, I think I'm going to knock you off the, did you want to do that? Did you want to see me?

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah. That's fine. Maybe we can switch to your side and take enough of a perspective of a potential homebuyer.

Dan Smigrod: Let's share my screen. I apologize, I went a little fast. But just before the show, Thomas actually sent me a text. It says, "Nodalview has invited you to a guided virtual tour session. Click on the link below to start" and so I did click on this link and this is the window that opened here.

Thomas Lepelaars: Here, Dan, you are interest in the property, we get to know each other, so real-estate being a very human-centric business, I get to first of all, meet you for the first time in a virtual setting, but I'm replying to your interests about this property so I'm meeting you, I'm saying, "Hi Dan, My name is Thomas, it's my pleasure to show you this property today" and the first thing that I can do and you can see this is that I have control on the visit.

I can say, "you called me today regarding this beautiful duplex apartment. It's a two bedroom. I really want just to walk through the house with you today to just understand if this is what we're looking for." I can start walking around and as you see here, we get all of the benefits of having those beautiful super-smooth Matterport tours.

I can very easily start showing even the dollhouse view to give you a full 360-degree view on how the department fits together and I can start bringing you and selling you all of the advantages of this specific property here.

What I can do is I can say, "you know what, Dan, you can actually also walk around on your end and you can start discovering the property by yourself and for that, I need to switch over the controls to you so you should have control now Dan."

Dan Smigrod: It says I don't have control.

Thomas Lepelaars: I think we might need to refresh our screens. I think we were on the previous session [before the show]. Wait, I think there's a glitch on my end. Just give me a second. I was logged out. Sorry, one second. There we go.

Dan Smigrod: I think what's probably happened is because we were practicing our demo prior to air and everything worked fine that we probably have some...

Thomas Lepelaars: I think that's it.

Dan Smigrod: But I think what I'm going to do, Thomas, is I'm going to quit out of my browser.

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah, and I'll just re-invite you to a new session.

Dan Smigrod: Re-invite me and then we'll do it just as if this was the first time that we were talking and I think that would be simpler.

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah. Sure.

Dan Smigrod: You're going to text me another link?

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah. On my end I can do an invite text message again, I'm just inviting you Dan with your mobile phone number and this is just sending you a text and just making sure I get your number right. Here we go.

Dan Smigrod: I'm going to share my screen again and here is the fresh link that just came in. It's probably a little bit confusing, but I have my mobile number so that it will ring on my mobile phone and my desktop and for today, we're doing the demo on my desktop, but this could have been on either my iPhone, my iPad, or actually my Android phone as well.

Thomas Lepelaars: Exactly. The big advantage, as you just saw, that there's absolutely nothing to install. You're a potential homebuyer, you're interested to buy property, no need to install any extension.

You're just simply getting an SMS and again, so here we're in the start of the session and so I have full control. I'm basically touring you the way that I want to and I can decide at some point to give you control over the session.

I just switched over the controls to you and so now you can drive the session on your end Dan, and I can enjoy the way that you're navigating this. I think there's a very important distinction to make here is that compared to a Zoom session, for example, where you are maybe sharing your screen and it seems a bit choppy and a bit pixelated.

You're navigating in the exact perfect replica of this Matterport digital trend that we both have. When you're paying top dollar to get these really high fidelity digital twins. The big advantage is that you don't want this kind of choppy pixelated image to be shared with your audience.

You really want to share the property in the best way possible. Thanks to technology, we're really loading the tour on two different screens and then just synchronizing the way that we're navigating through it so you're enjoying the same quality of image that I have on my end and so everyone is benefiting off these hyper-causative, hyper-smooth 3D digital twins.

I can easily follow around on my end and I can see how you're navigating inside of the [Matterport] 3D twin. I can see that you're looking at the floor plan view that you're walking around.

Maybe you'll take your view on the dollhouse. Same way as if you were on site, I can just give you some information about the property I can say, "the roof has been recently renovated.

If you go back to the ground floor, you'll see that you have two bedrooms. It is double glazing everywhere. Everything has been renovated a couple of years ago," and this is all the information that you might miss if you are navigating this tour without my expert comments.

The big advantage is that you're getting the benefit of this super-immersive experience and getting the advantage of being walked through virtually by a human being, which is your Realtor; estate agent; real estate agent; broker - whatever you want to call it.

But it's somebody who knows the property and who can really bring you through the house and give you a professional tour of it.

As you said, we're here connected with multiple people. I can also say, "I'm taking back control because I really want to show you this specific area of the property."

Here I can switch off the controls for you and I'm giving you back [control] because I really want to have a discussion about this beautiful mezzanine here on top and I'm refocusing your attention on this. I think what's super important to understand is that we're connected here with two people.

But, if your significant other would be also wanting to jump in on this session. Understanding this is also the perfect house for her. She could easily join and could be holding this with multiple people and so live in busy times; people are a bit everywhere.

It's very complicated. Sometimes be available at the same time to visit a house. Everyone knows. We always have to have the other half's perspective on the houses where we're going to buy.

As you see, you're interacting with the chat that's immediately integrated and then we can also communicate by chat and say, $250,000. We can start exchanging in this really immersive experience and again, I think the important thing when you compare this to a regular Matterport tour is that I'm getting to know you. Right? I'm getting to know you.

Maybe you're telling me, "my wife is pregnant. We're having a second kid. That's why we're moving to a larger house." The really great thing is that when I'm doing this – you can move in tomorrow. You can even buy the furniture. I'll negotiate that for you, Dan.

Basically, I can really get to know you and I think today, looking at the real estate experience, it's a very human experience. You're probably going to make a significant acquisition, probably the most amount of money you're going to spend in your life. You really want to have that added value of a real estate agent.

Dan Smigrod: Thomas, let's do two more things within the demo and then maybe come out of the demo and talk some more. I just wanted to review from the home buyer's perspective what the controls are that I have on my screen. So I can display or hide chat.

We were doing the chat. I can display or hide video. My hair wasn't all nice. I might hide my picture. I see that I can activate and deactivate the microphone and activate and deactivate my camera. That's Matterport, we're all familiar with that. Was there anything else to show me on my side? There's not anything to confuse me. I guess that's probably the point.

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah. One last thing, maybe you've done right here. Let's imagine you're not interested in this property; I can really easily switch, and bring you into this completely different environment.

Dan Smigrod: Let me go back to that apartment that you were showing me. Thomas, I like everything, but the wall color. I really want it move-in ready. ;-) Do you have something else to show me?

Thomas Lepelaars: Of course, I can immediately switch you to something completely different. In a couple of clicks, I've just moved you to New York. Fantastic views. Superb apartment. Budget might be a bit higher, but you're really getting these premium finishes here.

This is move-in ready. Again, I can give you access to this in the same way that you had access before. You can again walk around freely and just discover this apartment while I explain where it sits exactly and what the view is.

Dan Smigrod: I did notice when you gave me control, there was a message that I actually see at that point...

Thomas Lepelaars: Again, what we've tried to do is to try and make it as simple for you as just a common homebuyer to be able to follow this experience and to be able to connect. On the other side, on my side, on the agent side, I have this whole dashboard, where I can interact, I can invite other people, I can certainly play around in any of my tours.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, before we take a look at your dashboard, and let's do that in a second. Can you just switch once again so that our viewers can see how seamless that was to go from one tour to the next?

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah, sure. Let's go back to the tour we were on before.

Dan Smigrod: Super-simple, as a user of going from one to the other. I'm going to stop my screen sharing so that you can go maybe a little bit more in-depth in sharing your screen so we can see all the things that a real estate agent has control over. I imagine this is the Nodalview Content Management System.

Thomas Lepelaars: Exactly. Here we're really in a Nodalview live session. It's saying Nodalview Live. It's giving me, here on the top, the amount of time we've been in this session together. Important to work on time management. I have my big button here, which allows me to invite participants. From here, I can invite multiple participants.

Again, here I have the option to feed in an email address, a text message, or simply copy and paste a link. Now, maybe we're chatting over Facebook Messenger or we're on whatever session, I can access the link. Anyway, I want to contact you, very simple. I can simply copy the link here, and send it through. I could send you a text message or email.

I have all these easy ways to add participants. Now, what I have here on the left is I have all of my portfolio property. I have all of my houses here that I have in my portfolio that I can easily switch to. On your end, you're experiencing this as a very simple search.

I'll show you how easy it is for me to switch to that beautiful New York apartment. I'm just clicking here, I can search here for any of my tours in a matter of seconds. I can get another tour on Matterport, but I can easily find any of my tours here in a couple of seconds.

I can really browse through all of these properties, and I can bring you anywhere in a couple of clicks. I think the most important thing here is that you also have the ability to add some notes, if you want.

Basically, if you are asking to move-in ready, I can type here, "Wants a move-in ready house," and "second kid on the way." You told me that your wife was pregnant, and that you're waiting for it.

Dan Smigrod: I hope that's not the case. I hope we're not announcing it on national television here today. It'd probably be a surprise to myself and to my wife. ;-) I see how you sent me a link: either by email or text or just by copy and pasting the link, and transferring that to me. Is there a way for me to schedule a tour with the agent?

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah, of course. There's multiple ways. Imagine you want to order, or you're constantly saying, "Hey, I want to visit this." I can also simply generate a link. I can create a link upfront. Here, a morning session. It's creating a link.

But I can create these links so I can send to you in say, tomorrow at 3 PM. Here is the link. Then as long as I'm not connected, it will say, "Hey, I'm waiting for your reservation."

Dan Smigrod: I think I'm looking for something slightly different. Let's say, I'm on the agent's real estate page. I see a link, and it says, book an appointment. Is there?

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah, exactly. Here, I'm showing you it's a specific link, which we call Guided Link. What you'll see, it's just a wrapper around a Matterport. I get a specific link that I can have hosted on my website, which will give you access to the Matterport portal. Here, you'll see. This is what we call a Lead Generation or Gated Link.

What this link allows me to do is to start discovering the property.

Then you'll see that after a couple of seconds, I'll have this call-to-action that will pop up, which will invite me to book that meeting with you. Here, I'm starting to look in here. Request your Virtual Guided Tour with Nodalview, Nodalview is the name of my [real estate] agency that I've planned on my account, but here you would have ...

Dan Smigrod: That would be the real estate agent's company name, as opposed to Nodalview?

Thomas Lepelaars: Exactly, yeah. Your name is Dan. Let me get your email address.

Dan Smigrod: My phone number is: 404-964-3680.

Thomas Lepelaars: There we go. Here, I have the options. How would I like you to visit? Is it a video chat or is it in person? I just checked a video chat, I'm not sure. I'm curious to see what this is. Here, I see a couple of time slots. I've blocked out Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, and Mondays because I'm only doing viewing ...

Dan Smigrod: Tuesday, January 11th, works for me.

Thomas Lepelaars: Perfect, and then let's say, 10 AM. Then here, I'm just going to request the visit. This is how easy it is. I would get an email saying, "You've requested a visit."

Then I would get this as a real estate agent, and I would be able to call you back and say, "Hey, Dan. I see you requested a visit for the 10th. Let me confirm that for you." Maybe I'm busy, and we need to find another slot. It's very convenient.

Dan Smigrod: On that Guided Tour, does the agent specify how much time until the tour is guided?

Thomas Lepelaars: So for now what we've done in this first version, it's basically a time setup at 20-second. Why 20 seconds?

Because it allows you to navigate through the tour and to build-up engagement. So what we try to do is – we try to capture your lead when engagement is at the highest. Typically what we see is after 30 seconds, you start to get really engaged by the properties. So that's when you're the most inclined to need your property details.

Dan Smigrod: You go through the rest of your backend dashboard so we can see everything of how this works?

Thomas Lepelaars: Of course, so very simple. Those opening hours, you can simply specify them in your My Organization tabs or this is the tab where I can set all of my agency [details]. As you see here, I only have Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays activated.

If I would want to add Mondays and Friday I would simply do like this and then I can save the opening hours of my agency in a couple of clicks. Super-simple. How do I create a Matterport tour? Very, very simple. I simply create here: the name of my property.

Let's say Avenue Louise where our offices are, at 523 and I create a new tour and I can immediately switch to the Matterport tab. Oops, sorry, I got logged out. I can start simply and add a Matterport tour. So I simply type in here, and I would type in here my public Matterport link.

So here I have one just as an example. Then I would paste this and I can save the link and now I'm importing that Matterport tour inside of Nodalview and I can start doing everything that we said. So it's very, very simple. It's super-easy to use.

Then here you have these different links. So we talked about the first one, which is the immersive experience that we can share. We talked about the Gated Link, the one where I can start generating leads. So where do you put this Gated Link?

Typically, you would put this on a social media post. I would advertise a property on social media. I would say beautiful apartment; info and visits below, and I would put this in the comment section and people would be able to discover, and then I would start generating leads from social media.

Dan Smigrod: I think what I'm hearing there is, the Nodalview platform is really a sales enablement platform where you want to capture leads so they actually know who to get back to as opposed to just not knowing who's looked at your Matterport tour.

Thomas Lepelaars: Exactly. So the thing is today you're investing as a real estate agent. You're investing quite a bit of money into these beautiful looking [Matterport] 3D tours. What I am going to show you – that you traditionally – this is just putting it online.

But what we're saying is if you put this into Nodalview and then you start enabling on top of your content – You're really able to: one, generate leads and then two: able to have these very private and intimate conversations with your customers because you're just touring them as you would on-site, but you're reusing this amazing content that you have to build a stronger, more personal and intimate relationship with your leads, which is super-important in this world.

I think it was McKinsey that came out with a study a couple of days ago saying that 76% of people online of consumers want the personalized approach. People don't want generic content online. They want a personalized approach. I think that's a big win for the real estate industry because real estate is that super-personal super-human approach.

Dan Smigrod: Let's talk more about that. But before we do, is there anything else that you want to show us?

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah. Maybe, before we jump off, I think there's ... the important thing is, is probably the last thing, but you were talking about Nodalview becoming more and more a sales and marketing platform. The [sales platform] solution for real estate agents.

There's one specific thing that you really want to know as a real estate agent is how often you're engaging in [3D tour] content once we've gone and visited the house.

So imagine we went to see one of these two apartments, or maybe both because we're still interested in both, but at least I've qualified your interests.

We went to see them because obviously, it's very important to understand that physical visits will still be super-important. But we went to visit this and I want to send you the link to check it. You know what then, you've seen the place. I've explained everything to you.

I'm going to send you a specific thing, I would copy a private link, and I will send you this private link. What happens with this private link if you would access this private link, is you would get this interface. This is a private tour. I'm giving this just for you then.

The telephone number you will see the text message containing the code. Here I'll just put my phone number for convenience. Sorry, my auto-complete it's not working.

There we go. Then my phone number. There we go. So here, boom! What I'm getting is... a six digit code that is sent by SMS text through my phone. This is typically what you have with your credit cards, with your bank. It's the same thing.

I have a digit code here that I need to use. 121426. Submits. And boom. I'm accessing the tour. The great thing is, this is a bit different than the password protect function that you have in the Matterport tour because here I'm not identifying with a common password, I'm identifying as Thomas Lepelaars who is accessing this tour.

If I would have sent this to you, then I would have received a notification thing, Dan is accessing your Matterport virtual tour.

Maybe I'm showing this to my parents because they're going to be paying a significant part or going to help you with the down payment. I'm accessing this.

Again, every time I want to do this, even if I want to show this to my parents, every time I access that link, I have to re-authenticate. The great thing is on your Matterport platform as a real estate agent, If I go back to...

I have a couple of tabs open. But if I go back to a very important thing, which is what we call the timeline, I start to get access to Matterport private link visited, and what we're adding as the functionality is that you're getting by e-mail the coordinates of the person that has entering your tour.

So I can see Dan has entered into the tour, and then I could get probably if I show this on a Friday, and you look through the weekend. I come back to the office on Monday and I see you've opened the tour ten times. I probably know that you're super-excited about this property and maybe I'll give you a phone call back and say, "Dan, let's go and visit."

You're like experiencing this easy, seamless real estate experience, which seems great and again, you're benefiting from all of these advantages that the real estate agent is offering.

Dan Smigrod: Anything else on this dashboard to show us?

Thomas Lepelaars: So you have a bunch of different things that are more about Nodalview, but that's the main features for now leads to Matterport. What is also bringing here to Matterport soon is the possibility to get in-depth statistics.

I'll show you this on a regular Nodalview 360 tour but the idea is that we're going to be bringing this to Matterport. This is all of the public information I want around the interaction with my tours. We're bringing a number of visits to the tour. The age of the countries, the number of rooms you visited, and the average ratio. This is obviously an offline tour.

That's why I didn't see it, but we're bringing these powerful statistics back to the Matterport users so that you can really try and understand, how are people interacting even if I'm putting this publicly on my website?

Dan Smigrod: Cool. I noticed one thing we didn't see was a demo of an Open House for a real estate agent.

Thomas Lepelaars: So an Open House, what is an Open House? An Open House is the same session we did where I got to know you. But this is a one-to-many experience. So basically, it's maybe not the American definition of an Open House.

We could probably call it a webinar like, or an Open Live session where people can connect and I can invite multiple participants. So it's the same session where I keep control.

The only thing that changes is that the people that are following that experience have to sign in. I could say I'm doing a Live Session of a new property I have in my portfolio, and this is Monday at 6 PM.

Then I can invite people to subscribe to that session and then that's it. They would receive an email saying, "Thomas is showing you the property" and then I can have up to, I think, 200 people that connect up at the same time and I can tour the house in the same fashion as we did, but I'm doing it with 200 people.

They see me, I don't see them, but they can ask questions in a private chat. You have a private chat feeds directly to me as a real estate agent. I can start answering questions anonymously and I can start taking questions from people that are touring the house with me.

Now, the great thing again is that everyone is getting the same quality of the virtual tour, and at some point at the end of the virtual Open House, I can give access to everyone so I can release the tour and everyone can get access and walk around freely and keep on asking me questions.

At the end of the session, I can say, sorry guys, I have to leave. We're going home and then the session ends, the tour ends for everyone and then you can build your own call-to-action saying, "hey, I want to visit the house or I'm really interested, please give me a callback."

Dan Smigrod: Today is Thursday, January 6, 2022. When can we expect Nodalview to introduce Matterport Open House Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview?

Thomas Lepelaars: You can expect it to be publicly available by the end of July. It's already in internal beta. we're testing this out with a couple of very advanced users that we have here in Europe and we're testing this out and we have great feedback.

Why we have great feedback is because as a real estate agent, you really want to offer this modern and innovative experience. And people who are doing this are really offering this unique experience to their buyers and at the same time they're collecting a lot of the information.

Dan Smigrod: -Excuse me. Before we talk about the Matterport Nodalview partnership some more, why don't we pause for a moment and say, tell me about Nodalview?

Thomas Lepelaars: Nodalview, we're a company based in Brussels, Belgium. In Europe, we have offices in Brussels, obviously, in Paris and in Madrid.

We're a startup scale-up. We were founded in 2016. I co-founded the company with Mickaël Ligot, my Co-Founder [and CTO], and we've grown quite a lot since then.

Today, Nodalview, it's a company of 80 people spread-out among those three offices: Brussels, Paris and Madrid. We have over 10,000 real estate agents using our solution and to give you an idea, there's been over 1 million properties... [including Matterport]. It's a pretty large number. We've grown very fast the last couple of years.

Dan Smigrod: I'm sorry. You went a little bi too fast for me on two things: I think what I heard was 80 employees.

Thomas Lepelaars: Yes, 80 employees, 80.

Dan Smigrod: Then there are a million plus [Matterport 3D and Nodalview 360] spaces.

Thomas Lepelaars: Sorry. There's been a million properties shot with Nodalview. Historically, Nodalview has been an easy-to-use capturing solution for real estate agents. Now, we are kind of flourishing into the center and sales enablement solution for real estate agents and combining the Nodalview capture ecosystem with the Matterport capturing ecosystem. That's ...

Dan Smigrod: Sorry, I'm still a little bit confused. What is a million?

Thomas Lepelaars: A million properties that have gone on the Nodalview platform: whether with the Nodalview capture app or with Matterport [capture app]. Recently, Matterport, obviously, that's a very small amount for now. There's a million properties that have gone through the Nodalview platform since we've launched Nodalview.

Dan Smigrod: That's awesome. Because I seem to recall meeting you six years ago and close to when you were founded in 2016. Wow! Nodalview has come quite the distance in terms of breadth, depth and experience in the amount of content that's being consumed in the Nodalview platform.

You've figured out how to do a partnership with Matterport that enables Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview. Why is that even important for real estate agents?

Thomas Lepelaars: It's a good question. I think if you look at real estate agents today, typical real estate agents, and I guess the audience that We Get Around Network will recognize this, but a real estate agent today wants to invest money in providing high-quality visual assets.

What do we consider by high-quality visual assets? It's professional grade imagery, and that imagery can be simple 2D photography. Could be 360-degree tours. Could be a 3D Matterport tour. It could be a video. It could be a floor plan.

But, basically all these marketing assets are being paid for by real estate agents or built himself. A lot of people are now using Matterport themselves if they want to try that, but what we see is that agents are investing a significant amount of time and money and resources in building up these high-quality visual assets.

What we want to do at Nodalview we want to help you build them, but we also want to help you integrate any high-quality visual assets.

For example, Matterport being one of probably the highest quality visual assets you can have on the market today and the most immersive experience with that really 3D approach and 3D twin approach means that you're investing in these high-fidelity 3D twins.

As a real estate agent, we're saying you can leverage that content in multiple ways. We showed you like three or four different ways that you can reuse the same Matterport tour to create this awesome experience.

If you look at the shift in real estate in the last couple of years, if you look 20 years back, 30 years back, you were searching for real estate in a journal. Unfortunately, I wasn't born, but you're looking for real estate in the paper.

You were looking through the ads section in the paper. What we've seen is that that has shifted from offline to online.

You don't search for a property, or some people may still search for property in the papers, but most people now start looking for a property online, which means that intrinsically the experience of real estate, it's starting online. Even if you're walking in the street and you're looking at this beautiful house with a for sale sign, you're still going to search for it online.

Basically, what we're saying is we're taking that online interest and today we're dropping off in a physical experience.

We saw during COVID that quite a lot of real estate agents were realizing that they didn't have this in-between experience which allowed them to still consume what they're offering in a digital way.

I think that's one of the unfortunate, but great things that happened during COVID is that real estate agents realized that virtual content wasn't something that was there to replace them. It was really something that was there to help them do their job and to make the experience better.

What we really want to do with Nodalview, we want to go even one step further and we want to allow you to use your content in a super-efficient way to deliver this awesome buying experience. Today, most people have a pretty bad buying experience.

You search for a lot of houses, you're going to visit a lot of houses. Sometimes when you arrive, the property is really not what you were thinking of because you maybe don't have a 3D tour and you saw a couple of pictures. There's quite a lot of inefficiency in buying a house.

When you know that the market is completely crazy, you don't want to lose a couple of weeks looking at houses that you didn't like.

There's this need for the younger generations to go immediately to the house that they really want to see and not have time just to lose time on properties that they don't want to go and visit and spending the best way, that big budget that you're going to spend once you want to spend it the best way possible.

Today, the reality of the real estate industry is that it's operated by a super-fragmented market. It's millions of independent real estate agents who have built these one-on-one relations with sellers that are selling houses that now need to market those properties to this super-young, super-dynamic audience.

There's a big gap in between. If you look at different markets, we're very present in Europe. For example, there's a pretty big gap between the experience these people are used to having when they're on Netflix or Amazon and then the experience they're having when they're trying to buy a house.

What we're trying to say is getting through a very simple tool by basically reusing the content that you already have, we're giving you the ability to deliver this Netflix-like user experience, which is amazing, where you're wowed as a consumer, you're really, really happy about the experience you had with your real estate agents.

I think that's why it's important to know: Matterport has done a fantastic job at building these high fidelity 3D twins. Today, it's the most advanced technology there is on the market and a lot of agents are adopting that technology, but what we're really saying is we're allowing you now to go a step further and to build an awesome experience on top of that 3D twin.

Dan Smigrod: Here in the United States, houses are selling super-fast. I think even the statistics out this week from [Redfin].

In fact, I should call up the headlines because it was really so amazing to look at. I'm actually going to the We Get Around Network Forum [] To find these statistics I was looking for. Let's see the one I wanted to call up. "Active residential real estate listings are down 27 percent from this time last year."

Thomas Lepelaars: That's the stock of the properties to sell.

Dan Smigrod: "40 percent of pending sales under contract within two weeks"... "30 percent of pending sales under contract within one week." I'm a residential real estate agent. These properties are going to sell anyway without Matterport, without Nodalview.

What's the pitch to a real estate agent about why they should be doing... Let's just assume they've made the leap that they need to have Matterport or maybe not.

Why does a real estate agent need to have the combination of a Matterport tour with Live Guided Tour powered by Nodalview knowing that there are so few houses on the market and the ones that are on the market, if I get the listing, it's going to sell anyway and I'm likely to be under contract within 1-3 weeks of having a sale regardless?

Thomas Lepelaars: I think it's a very interesting question. You highlighted a general trend that we actually see across all [territories].

Nodalview today is sold in over 30 countries and every single country that we have users in are experiencing the same very hot – almost bubble-like market – where houses are selling like this....

Actually from a perspective of a professional real estate is that the question is if you take one step back, is if I'm a homeowner in this economy the true question is, "how am I going to maximize the price of my house?" In some countries, you're allowed to sell by yourself. In the US, I think most people go through a Realtor, but the question is, "I am a homeowner.

I see that the market is on fire. I want to evaluate the best real estate agent out there to sell my house." The question is, "how am I going to do this?"

Am I going to have a traditional real estate agent that maybe might not invest into a Matterport tour but will just invest in maybe regular photography or not even regular photography, just maybe two pictures that he takes because he thinks he's going to sell very fast, and then what will happen?

Let's say you have the two agents. You have the super-modern agent that will invest in Nodalview plus Matterport and then you have the regular real estate agent that is a bit lazy and is just going to snap a couple of pictures with an outdated DSLR or even with a smartphone, without special photography taking.

On one side, both agents are going to put this house [on the market]. Both agents are doing the same effort. They're going to start marketing this house. The traditional agent will probably get 20 phone calls. The market is on fire. He's going to say, "Well, I'm going to bring in the first five people that call me.

I'm going to bring them into the house and maybe or maybe not, I'll get an offer out of these five people." As a homeowner, "Great, I'm probably selling in five visits."

Now the true question is, as a homeowner, "am I guaranteed that in those five visits, I had the highest price possible for my house?"

Then you go to the modern agent who is investing in Matterport and who is investing in Nodalview and that agent comes and tells you a completely different narrative because that person is saying then the market is on fire today, there are a lot of buyers.

We need to maximize the selling price of your house. My technique is that I don't want to bother you, houses sell between 1-3 weeks, but I don't want to bother you, so I'm going to invest in marketing assets. I'm going to bring in a photographer who is going to shoot this beautiful Matterport tour of your house.

I'm going to bring in beautiful pictures and instead of having 20 interested people, I'm going to have 40 or 50 interested people in the first week. Now instead of coming to bother you and asking you every two days to come and visit with potential buyers, I'm going to do my job as a real estate agent and I'm going to sell your house virtually to these 50 people.

I'm going to get to know these 50 people. I'm going to understand who they are and I'm going to show them your house. I'm just not going to bother you, but I'm going to show you the house, you only need to clean up once. No worries if your kids are running around because I'm doing this work.

My job as a real estate agent is in those 50 people, maybe I'm going to find 10 interested buyers, and I can guarantee you that by speaking to these 50 people,

I will find the best offer you can get for your house and I'm only going to come and visit with the 10 most interested people and they might fight for your house and this will allow you to sell probably a couple of percentage points higher than what you were expecting to sell with the traditional agents. Now the question is, I'm selling the house within a month's time, but as a homeowner, which agent are you going to choose?

Are you going to choose the one who's going to bring the traditional approach or are you going to try and choose this agent who is bringing this incredible experience to you and who's guaranteeing the best price possible?

Dan Smigrod: As a homeowner, I would like to get the most offers for the most money with the least amount of hassle and hassle is people coming inside of the house and I guess to add a fourth one, since we're in the age of COVID, and I want to minimize the number of people touching the surfaces in my home unless they are absolutely, positively super-interested in making an offer on the house.

Thomas Lepelaars: I think even before thinking of this from a sanitary perspective, the traditional agent is selling, I'm bringing five people to your house. It's a bit annoying but if I sell those five people, I'm happy. The modern agent that is investing in this modern selling technique, he is actually building 50 relationships with people. By making visits more accessible and more convenient,

I'm also able to touch more people, this is typically what you see with an online booking system. If you offer an online booking system, you typically get a two times higher conversion. I'm actually attracting more people to your house.

Dan Smigrod: Thomas, what I'm hearing is, if I'm a real estate agent, the pitch of using Matterport plus paired with the Nodalview Live Guided Tour is I'm going to win more listings; perhaps even bigger premium listings; and I'm going to repeat that more often. We have many viewers – in addition to real estate agents – are Matterport Service Providers.

I'm a Matterport Service Provider. I think what I'm hearing is this is something that the real estate agent actually buys or subscribes to Nodalview. Two things. Can You talk a little bit about pricing for the Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview and then help me understand, "I'm a Matterport Service Provider, what does this mean for me?"

Thomas Lepelaars: Maybe just before we do that, I just want to take it one step back. If you look at the perspective of the modern real estate agent who has talked to 50 people. You said a very interesting statistic, which is I think it was the amount of houses to sell was down [27] percent since a year ago or something like that. Actually what does this mean from a real estate perspective?

It means that I have less houses to sell. You said it very rightfully, a real estate agent will always sell a property. A house will always sell. You just need to get the right price and it will sell; at least in today's economy. Actually, my main challenge as a real estate agent is to find new listings.

I need to find new listings to have my business thrive. Now, if we go back to that situation where I had a regular, let's call it a regular real estate agent or traditional real estate agent, and I have this modern buying agent.

The regular real estate agent spoke to five potential buyers. Now, the agent on the right, he spoke to 50 potential buyers. There's an interesting statistic that says that 20-30 percent of home buyers are also home sellers.

Actually, what I'm doing as a real estate agent by talking to more potential buyers is, I'm just opening up the amount of people that are maybe selling their house, maybe not today because I'm talking to someone who's super-curious, but now maybe he's itching to move and I can probably try and sell his house.

If you look at it from the perspective of that modern buying agent, I'm getting more listings, I'm talking to more people, and creating more relationships, and increasing this business not only for selling houses, but also for finding potential buyers down the road, which is super-important.

The stock levels are going down, so you need to find new houses to sell. If I'm a Matterport Service Provider, I've probably seen this trend over the past couple of months where people are just commissioning me for pictures. They're saying, "No, I don't want the extra hassle of the tours.

It's quite a cost and I don't need it." The true question is what we hear often today is, I don't need it because I'm adjusting my level of service to the market and so I'm offering the bare minimum. But again, when I'm doing that, I'm the traditional real estate agent.

Whereas if I'm still investing the money in the Matterport tour, you know how much the Matterport tour cost me, probably between anywhere from $200 to probably $500, $600 for Matterport tour. But if you think that I'm able to maybe sell two or three extra listings in a year for that $200 investment, it's minimal.

I think the advantage of a Matterport Service Provider is that, he can probably, with more confidence, convince his customers to add onto his regular photography shoot. In the end, for a Matterport Service Provider, he can either shoot more often or increase the number of times he's going to add that Matterport Add On to his regular photography shoot.

I think that makes a true difference when you can sell – I mean, everyone wants to sell additional services. If you can really come back to your customers and say, "Are you sure you don't want a Matterport tour on top of your regular photography?

Do you know you can do this? Do you know if you can do that?" I'm pretty convinced that people will say, "You know what. You're right.

Let's shoot the Matterport tour together because this is super-interesting." When you look at all of the advancement that Matterport is doing with insurance and so forth, there's like a ton of Add On value as a home-buyer to have that digital tour being shipped off to you so afterwards as part of the real estate service.

I think basically allowing real estate agents to offer more services on top of the Matterport tour is making them also more comfortable on the return on investment, which is super-important because you're paying your photographer once but you're reusing not only your Matterport content to your existing buyers, but you're also doing it to win more listings and so you're reusing it for lead generation; for product discovery; you're reusing it for engagement measuring and stuff like that.

Dan Smigrod: I think what I'm hearing there, Thomas is, if a Matterport Service Provider can help a real estate agent win more and bigger premium listings, then the Matterport Service Provider is going to get more photo shoots, more Matterport tours as Add Ons and perhaps I didn't hear, but probably to differentiate their Matterport Service Provider business from other photographers in their market?

Thomas Lepelaars: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: We didn't talk about pricing. Is Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview a free service? ;-)

Thomas Lepelaars: No, it's not a free service. It's a service that a real estate agent will pay for. Again, Nodalview is a platform: its mission is to help real-estate agents deliver a modern buying experience.

Nodalview is a sales and marketing platform that allows real-estate agents to either capture or reuse existing content like Matterport, to provide these awesome marketing experiences and sales experiences. The agent will pay for Nodalview and the content part needs to be provided by someone.

Some people will decide to shoot them themselves, [Most agents will engage service providers to create visual storytelling digital assets.] It can start up at $49 per month and go all the way up to $200 per month depending on the size of your agency and brokerage or whatever.

But it's relatively cheap. It's $49 per month if you're an individual agent and you can then have a certain amount of Matterport tours that are uploaded into your account, which is more than enough.

It's a relatively cheap service. But I think for the photographer, it's really a way to systematically offer a bunch of services on top. I want to go back to how you can use this as a MSP. What we're actually seeing is that, if you do have this Matterport experience and it doesn't mean that you can just put it online and people will visit it, you can start building video clips that give you the promotion of the services towards your buyers.

Typically, where you can have a photography shoot, a Matterport tour, and maybe even a Matterport video or a teaser video, it's building a teaser video to tell consumers that as an agent you're offering the service.

You're not only adding the Matterport tour but you're opening up a new kind of service that you can say, "I can also create a small video clip for you that will just tee-up the Matterport tour and put this big image of your face saying, 'Call us for an immediate Live Guided Tour'" and it will push people to contact you because they've seen a video that you're offering the service on this house and they know that they can engage with you.

It's really accompanying the real estate agents in a more broader marketing content.

Dan Smigrod: I'm a Matterport Service Provider. Maybe there's two directions here... One: I have real estate agent clients that are super-successful, they're very happy with Matterport. I have something else to help them succeed even more. Direct them to Nodalview to leverage that, knowing that if [the agent is] that much more successful and perhaps getting a few more listings a year or bigger listings, then: I, as a photographer, I'm going to get more shoots.

Thomas Lepelaars: More business. Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: If I'm perhaps struggling with a potential client to do Matterport as an Add On, it might be worth the extra investment by that agent to say, "Look, you keep telling me you're a relationship agent. Here's how you can activate your relationship virtually," particularly in the age of COVID.

Thomas Lepelaars: Exactly. I think Dan, there's an interesting thing that we're offering to anyone who has an Internet connection is, they can go onto Nodalview and they can do a two-week free trial.

If I take the example of that struggling photographer that has trouble getting the value across to his customers, I would invite him to go to the Nodalview platform, subscribe for a two week free trial and say, "You know what? You're reluctant to pay me this $200, $300 extra to get a Matterport tour, but let me just show you the power of what you'll be able to do if I shoot this Matterport tour for you."

Then you can go to Nodalview and invite this person to a live session and then you immediately strike a nerve with the agent because they really want that.

Dan Smigrod: Let me see if I can amplify that. If you're a real estate agent or you're a Matterport Service Provider, go to

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah. Go to the Matterport tab. We have the Solutions tab. You go to the Matterport tab and there you'll have a big button saying, Try this for free for 15 days or 14 days.

Dan Smigrod: Fourteen day free trial.

Thomas Lepelaars: No credit card required, nothing.

Dan Smigrod: You don't even need to be a real estate agent. You could be a Matterport Service Provider, try it, play with it so that you fully understand it in order to then talk to... helping your existing clients and perhaps leveraging it in a way to get new clients.

For real estate agents, they can go play with the Matterport Live Guided Tour for 14 days free - without using a credit card - in order to experience it firsthand to see how this can help get more people to tour the house virtually, to result in more offers, for more money with the least amount of stress for the homeowners.

Thomas Lepelaars: You're the best Nodalview salesperson, Dan.

Dan Smigrod: I just think it's very exciting! I'm thrilled to actually share the Nodalview story with our viewers. We've talked a lot about residential real estate, are there other verticals where the Matterport Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview makes sense?

Thomas Lepelaars: Interestingly enough, I think Matterport and Nodalview have been pretty close in terms of industries.

Nodalview has been very focused towards the residential real estate, but funny stories that the first Nodalview, 360 tours is that we shot we're on yachts and on boats, very small confined spaces, we tried to make beautiful pictures.

We've mainly evolved in the residential real estate space because that's where there's the most obvious market for us. We've evolved a tiny bit in the commercial space, in the yachts, even we have some people who are selling luxury boats and some people are selling planes with Noldaview.

But the question is, every time you think that we can use a Matterport tour, there's always a use-case where you want to enable that Matterport content.

I would say we're in the era where collaboration and content sharing needs to be almost blended, especially in an asynchronous world where people are working remotely, so when you're thinking about, for example, a wedding planner that might have Matterport tours of a couple of venues, imagine being able to show the next wedding venue to couple who are looking for their next venue for their wedding and being able to connect into Matterport instantly and give the full tour, it's much better than if you're just clicking on a link and touring the site itself.

There are a lot of verticals. Nodalview's main focus is residential real estate, also commercial real estate. I think the big challenge for these people who are investing time and money in these Matterport tours is that they need to find more ways to get money out of it.

There's this whole data play, links to Matterport about the datafication of buildings, which is super-exciting, but there's also how can I commercially engage around these content and how can I use this to basically better perform faster, more efficiently, so there's quite an interest also from the commercial real estate space. Then we have people showcasing hotels.

We have people showing these beautiful boats. So we're pretty aligned on basically any content you would want to shoot with Matterport. There's always a question of, "do I want to enable with my customers around it?" So it's so easy to connect and it's really easy, so there are multiple verticals, although there is a very strong showcase for residents real estate and our ambition is going to help residential real estate agents thrive in this digital era.

Dan Smigrod: I think what I'm hearing is that the Live Guided Tour powered by Nodalview – obsessed with residential real estate – works great with commercial real estate, things that are related, boats, events spaces, vacation rentals, vacation spaces.

I would say if you're in the residential real estate space, that's what you're obsessed with, but it turns out that if you are watching today's show and you're in a vertical, that's not residential real estate, and this works for you.

Thomas Lepelaars: There's this super-big trend that is also linked to COVID, and I think probably a lot of MSPs are maybe looking to this, but people are using 3D digital twins, for example, to give you training on how a warehouse fits together.

I heard this awesome story of people that were training their forklift drivers to drive around the warehouse virtually before actually starting to work physically in space. Again, the first tour of the warehouse, you want to be able to show this to people, you want to be able to onboard people.

Let's say you are in a university, you have a quarter of the people who signed up to Nodalview are actually just schools and they want to give a talk to their students, where will you be on the first day and where do you need to be in there? They're just giving you a tour of the school and people are connecting to this and then you can give it towards the parents, when you're not able to move physically.

Dan Smigrod: You are going to make my head explode with all the different opportunities there are for Matterport Live Guided Tours powered by Nodalview.

Thomas Lepelaars: Yeah, I think that the true question is it's all about the experience, I think a lot of people are now buzzing around the metaverse. Everyone's curious about what is the metaverse and how are we going to contract it? I think it's actually just a way to enable it.

One of the things I've seen is, there's going to be more and more people that are going to want to have a [digital twin] representation of their space, and a lot of people are going to want to enable it and to be able to create communications around it.

I think there's a lot of exciting things coming, and I think it's a bit of a pity now that the market is so hot that maybe some people are not realizing the added value of those spaces because there's no need to invest those couple of extra dollars.

Dan Smigrod: I would actually turn that around and say, "what an exciting opportunity that there's a limited amount of real estate, because that's what's going to differentiate clearly one agent from another agent, it is the real agent that is using Matterport Live Guided Tour powered by Nodalview is going to have such an advantage to help get more listings; get bigger premium listings; and doing this with more velocity.

For Matterport Service Providers that are perhaps struggling with that objection, "the house is going to sell anyway," is to say, "look, this is not about selling the house, this is about helping you win more and bigger premium listings more often and offering Live Guided Tour matches up perfectly with your persona of being all about people and interacting with people.

We're helping power that, and capture all the leads in the process so that you can have those conversations within the Matterport tour. Thomas, we've covered a lot of ground, is there a question that I haven't asked you that I should have asked you?

Thomas Lepelaars: No, I think there's one interesting thing as you mentioned, Nodalview has grown quite a bit since we last spoke and I'm always very happy to be on the show. But I think the important thing to understand is that Noldaview is now present in over 30 countries. We have over six different languages that are spoken natively within the team.

So we cover Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Dutch and soon German. I think the most important job that we're doing, we're not only providing technology, but we're also providing education. We're really helping real estate agents through education to get to this modern sales experience, a modern sales funnels, sales enablement.

These are all very new words, and I think one of the big passions we have at Nodalview – and you said – we're hyper-focus on real estate. We really want to help this real-estate experience become more modern, more connected, and we really don't want real estate agents to be lost in the equation.

We want to put real estate agents in the middle of that experience. I think you said it in a right way and I think it's important to emphasize we are 80 people. We will be hiring 40 plus people next year to join Nodalview and hope they have boots on the ground in the US also soon.

But I think it's really important to understand that people can even just subscribe to Nodalview on, to our newsletter because we always try to bring this new ways of working, whether you're Matterport Service Provider and you want to be smarter towards your agents if you want to relay the information in your own newsletter or if you want to directly subscribe, as a real estate agent, I really encourage anyone who is close to residential real estate or commercial real estate to sign up to Nodalview and follow everything that we're doing.

Because even if you're not going to buy any product, there's a ton of information that we have a very large content team and a very large Customer Success Team that constantly bring our trainings and webinars to help educate a lot of people on all of the new cool ways that you can bring this modern experience to your customers.

I think that's important to understand that Nodalview is interesting even if you're not using the service directly, but definitely give us a follow on social media and on our website because I'm sure we can teach a bunch of stuff and you'll be much smarter with your customers.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome, go to: look for the Solutions tab. Go to the tab that says Matterport and sign up for a 14 day free trial; no credit card necessary, and while you're on – sign up for the newsletter as well. Thomas, thanks for being on the show today.

Thomas Lepelaars: Dan, thanks a lot again. Anyone who's listening today who's a bit lost on how to use this, also feel free to ask for a demo, we have a very large sales team who will with pleasure.

I hope Jordan Dayan is following us, he's a market expert here at Nodalview and he'll probably be a bit around on the We Get Around Network Forum, [] If anyone has questions, but definitely feel free to reach out.

We always love giving demos because we see people with massive smiles on their face and so it makes us very happy. Thanks a lot, and thanks a lot to the We Get Around Network for this awesome opportunity to present Nodalview and Nodalview Live Guided Tours on top of Matterport tours.

Dan Smigrod: Thank you Thomas. We've been visiting with Thomas Lepelaars.

Thomas is Co-Founder and CEO of Nodalview based in Brussels, Belgium, and I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network form and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.
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Brussels, Belgium
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Thanks Dan !

One important mention (around [00:29:30]) to Pierre de Preter, founder of Nodalview without whom Nodalview wouldn't be where it is today !

As always, it was a pleasure to be on the WGAN live at 5 and we look forward speaking again soon !

Thomas Lepelaars
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Nodalview Video (22 March 2022) How Virtual Tour Experiences are Shaping the Future of Real Estate


1. Matterport Partnerships Director Martin Bromfield
2. Nodalview CoFounder and CEO Thomas Lepelaars (@ThomasNodalview)

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