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75,000 square foot shop rite: pricing/alignment questions15956

JimmyJim private msg quote post Address this user

Need to scan large shop rite that is 75,000 square feet.

Two questions-

1.) Is 10 cents a square ft. too cheap in your opinion? I was also going to charge $250 on top of that.

2.) When scanning something this large, is it recommended that I use the assist alignment tool?

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ThinkLab private msg quote post Address this user
@JimmyJim your pricing can be higher, stop selling for so cheap. I will sell that for double that. I don't get why you will get guys and I see it in my region that will do that space and this is no joke, for $139.00 , then think they will make their money on hosting, I just laugh at these newbies or wannabes. Vs you scanning for $7,500.00 ( also if you are doing the scanning yourself that is also a bonus, and not just sending out cheap labor to go and scan and pretending you are such a big outfit )

For that rate tell your client hosting is for free for 5 years , trust me just do it. This will cost you nothing VS what you are making. That is if Matterport is still around in 5 years. And we are not all plugged into the Meta verse sitting on lazy boys getting fed by robots like that scene from Wall-E. I have some clients I have never charged a dime in the past 6 years for hosting as I make enough money from them to not still go and try and charge crazy hosting prices. I also share with bigger clients Matterports Enterprise price list especially when people are under quoting me, that they can see I am transparent. That also shines those MSP's in a very bad light as the client sees how they are being led around a bush. And also don't forget to tell them they don't own the data, just the viewing of it , or not even that do you calling it owning the viewing ? Or just access to view the tour in their gallery ? Be transparent and honest will get you far in this business.

2.) Won't be necessary only when its big empty spaces or white walls with no way for the camera to align itself.

Good Luck, hope your scanning job goes well, and this opens up more work for you. And charge them don't be shy , make some money and have a Merry White Christmas with the $$$ and let the cheap MSP's enjoy their cheap lump of coal from their cheap work....
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ThinkLab private msg quote post Address this user
@JimmyJim also make sure the Face Up all the shelves and gondola ends, fruit and veg. So when you scan the shop looks at its best. I take it you will be doing this after hours?

I don't know when the staff fills the shelves, so if that is going to be a problem, just tell them to up face them all and fill the gaps. P ay attention to these things, trust me the clients notice this and gets why they are paying you the big bucks.

Also let them make sure all lights are working and replaced, as you can use this as your show piece to get more of their other stores.

Please also don't add 1000's of annotations for people to buy products that is not the idea of these tours and they look like a skittles packet exploded in the shop. Just don't do it.

Offer also to upload this to their Google Business View and tell them its included in your package for "Free" , suggest they also remove any old 360 images of their Google view that you want to update that with Fresh content.
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JimmyJim private msg quote post Address this user
Hey thanks a lot ThinkLab lots of great info. there!

I will be doing this after hours and I would assume there will be people there stacking shelves but that should be ok.
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ThinkLab private msg quote post Address this user
@JimmyJim most welcome, go and have fun shooting it that's the most important. Just tell them the shop needs to look at its best.

Also try and scan in straight lines and plan your scans, straight down the middle of the isles, so the walkthrough is natural and not to jumpy, so rather do extra scans. Go and also scan the bakery sections and behind the display fridges like the butchery and delis. Just deactivate them, will have a good looking floorpan and dollhouse view. Also tell the client if they ever want to sell the business they can show everything from back of house. Don't know if they also will do they stock room? This is another tip I give to my restaurant clients, and helped a commercial broker sell a very upmarket restaurant in Cape Town to an International buyer, they could see all the kitchen equipment etc and not just the from of house.

Oh and have a powerbank for your iPad that will drain very quickly.
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
@JimmyJim If you are using an old ipad pro, there may be an issue when you go big capture point number.
With the newest ipad pro 2021 the number can be go up to > 1900. But for some old ipad pro it will stopped at 500.

You'd better prepare some piece of April Tags so that when you meet an area that Matterport Camera can't tell himself where he is. It is not related to the size of the area, but the repeated environment.
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ThinkLab private msg quote post Address this user
@JuMP yes very true. I did a very large school , and Dee had to stitch 34 separate models together to have it work as they iPad was just crashing the whole time and app reloading. We figured out month Slater, or that was the excuse that the iPad did not have enough RAM in it. But I don't think he will have this problem with the Supermarket.

If it happens, create a new model on your iPad, move back 3 - 4 scan positions from your original and just scan from there, Matterport can stitch it for you. So you have a backup if that happens to you. But hopefully it won't.
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Shakoure private msg quote post Address this user
I recently shot a complicated 22,000 SF space on an ipad mini 4... smooth, no problem. If you have to add tags, hide them when it comes to the dollhouse (and perhaps the walk-through) but keep them visible in the menu. Wish you the best.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Ask your client how the tour will be used knowing this may help inspire additional thinking/services/how to scan/probe for other uses cases to suggest.

Please share with us how it goes…

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JimmyJim private msg quote post Address this user
Will do Dan. They plan on using this more for signage in the store since it is constantly changing so it doesn't need to be perfect. I did have some alignment issues when I did part of one last time but I didn't do the perimeter first and it was chaotic with many people walking around..I'm surprised it worked at all.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
106-WGAN-TV 25+ Tips for Scanning Large Spaces with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera with Los Angeles-based Photographer Eric Dole (@Home3D).

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WGAN Forum Member: @Lizzg


Thanks for the additional backstory. Can't say I understand the use case of: "using this more for signage" ...

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