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Transcript: 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add ​​On with CAPTUR3D15580

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WGAN-TV | 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D CAPTUR3D Founder and COO Steven Kounnas | Episode 117 | Thursday, 9 September 2021

Transcript: 117-WGAN-TV | 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add ​​On with CAPTUR3D

Hi All,

Transcript below ...

In addition to 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D, in this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show (above) Founder and COO Steven Kounnas talks about new CAPTUR3D features coming soon including adding audio to specific Matterport scans and hosting digital assets such as photos and 360s within the CAPTUR3D platform.

As Steven shared, CAPTUR3D floor plan pricing is a flat $16 and includes:

1. 2D Floor Plan
2. 3D Floor Plan
3. Site Plan
4. Branded and Unbranded Floor Plans
5. Virtual Staging of the 3D Floor Plan
6. Multiple language support
7. Multiple file formats (such as, JPEG, PNG, PDF, DWG, RVT)
8. Various floor plan template (styles) choices (or create your own)
9. No CAPTUR3D logo
10. Turnaround that is typically overnight
11. Choice of measurements (SQ FT, SQM) or without showing measurements and/or room labels
12. Free changes
13. Custom labels (such as Garage or Carport or Living Room or Sun Room or Bonus Room (anything)
14. Custom size (match the image dimensions for your MLS to include with photos)
15. No size limit ( as big as an Ikea store ) and still just $16

Plus, we discussed floor plan pricing strategies at length.

Follow-up questions about CAPTUR3D Floor Plans?



Receive free with this WGAN affiliate link for CAPTUR3D, $90 in credits: that's 5 free floor plans from a Matterport tour when you use this WGAN affiliate link to create a free CAPTUR3D account. [To be eligible to receive WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) 1-Year Membership, send your CAPTUR3D receipt for $250 or more to:]

Transcript (Video above)

Dan Smigrod: Hi all. I'm Dan Smigrod,

Dan Smigrod: Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum.

Dan Smigrod: Today is Thursday, September 9th,

Dan Smigrod: 2021, and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.

Dan Smigrod: We have an awesome show for you today:

Dan Smigrod: 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: Here to visit with us about it to Steven Kounnas.

Dan Smigrod: Steven is Founder and Chief Operating Officer for CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: Steven, good to see you again.

Steven Kounnas: As always Dan, thanks for having me on.

Dan Smigrod: Steven's been on the show a number of times talking at length about CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: Before we jump into today's topic,

Dan Smigrod: 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D, Steven,

Dan Smigrod: how about giving us an overview of CAPTUR3D

Dan Smigrod: for those that may not be familiar with CAPTUR3D?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, absolutely not a problem.

Steven Kounnas: Again, thanks for having us. Really excited to be here.

Steven Kounnas: For those of you who are new to me and new to CAPTUR3D,

Steven Kounnas: we've been around for about six years now working within the Matterport industry.

Steven Kounnas: We focus on creating different layers and

Steven Kounnas: service offerings for anyone that's creating content,

Steven Kounnas: depending on different industries that you operate within.

Steven Kounnas: Things like virtual tour overlays or virtual tour skins putting your branding and logos,

Steven Kounnas: client information within that space.

Steven Kounnas: One-page property websites,

Steven Kounnas: and so bringing in all of your content into

Steven Kounnas: a designed property page that you can then provide to your clients or your listings,

Steven Kounnas: and these can be templated.

Steven Kounnas: So you can move things around and create them how you like.

Steven Kounnas: We have our white-label solution.

Steven Kounnas: This is currently free, so you can reroute the domains,

Steven Kounnas: the URLs under your company name,

Steven Kounnas: really useful tool for online branding and digital branding presentations.

Steven Kounnas: Some of our newer features like virtual staging,

Steven Kounnas: so being able to put furniture within houses that may not

Steven Kounnas: have any or top-up some furniture into houses that might not have a lot of.

Steven Kounnas: It's a fantastic feature that continues to evolve.

Steven Kounnas: Custom MatterTags, and so changing icons and being

Steven Kounnas: able to do a whole bunch of different things within the MatterTag space,

Steven Kounnas: including web embed,

Steven Kounnas: media embed, and a few other things as well.

Steven Kounnas: Media embed, so placing all sorts of media

Steven Kounnas: within the space including audio and location-based audio,

Steven Kounnas: and then we come through to the custom floor plans

Steven Kounnas: and site plans which we'll be diving into today,

Steven Kounnas: so I won't touch on too much,

Steven Kounnas: but then things like photo retouching.

Steven Kounnas: Getting the photos extracted from Matterport,

Steven Kounnas: touching them up and so that the grass is greener,

Steven Kounnas: the sky is bluer and everything looks a lot brighter within

Steven Kounnas: your images so you can deliver a high res package for your listings.

Steven Kounnas: Post-production services, so this is creating

Steven Kounnas: Highlight Reels in the Matterport tour for you.

Steven Kounnas: When you're doing high volumes of tours,

Steven Kounnas: can be quite time consuming to do a lot of the backend yourself,

Steven Kounnas: so we provide a service that can do that for

Steven Kounnas: you overnight so when you wake up in the morning,

Steven Kounnas: everything's ready for you.

Steven Kounnas: Then we've got our automated booking system including payments.

Steven Kounnas: So you can schedule everything again,

Steven Kounnas: completely hands-off and give your clients

Steven Kounnas: the ability to book you in when you are available,

Steven Kounnas: and then things like automated emails for your delivery and analytics.

Steven Kounnas: There's a whole bunch of things.

Steven Kounnas: I won't go into them otherwise we'll spend most

Steven Kounnas: of the show talking about all the items that we do,

Steven Kounnas: but we'll focus on what we're doing today.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I think of CAPTUR3D as a Swiss Army Knife meets Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: There's so many different things that CAPTUR3D does.

Dan Smigrod: It's really quite amazing!

Dan Smigrod: Steven, while you're getting set up to take us through

Dan Smigrod: some different examples of CAPTUR3D floor plans,

Dan Smigrod: why don't you start to share screen?

Dan Smigrod: I'm going to share with our audience to make it super-easy to get started with CAPTUR3D,

Dan Smigrod: to receive a $90 CAPTUR3D credit which is good for

Dan Smigrod: five CAPTUR3D floor plans along with getting some change left, change back.

Dan Smigrod: Use the WGAN affiliate link for CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: It's www.WGAN.INFO/CAPTUR3D

Dan Smigrod: And you've got 30 days to use

Dan Smigrod: the $90 credit from the time that you sign up the first time.

Dan Smigrod: You can use them for five free floor plans.

Dan Smigrod: Frankly, you can use the credit for any service that CAPTUR3D offers.

Dan Smigrod: Steven, even before we talk strategy,

Dan Smigrod: it's helpful to really understand what a CAPTUR3D floor plan looks like.

Dan Smigrod: Can you take us through it?

Dan Smigrod: Maybe point out strategies for selling floor plans as an Add On as

Dan Smigrod: you're showing us each different version style of CAPTUR3D floor plans?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, not a problem at all. Before diving into it,

Steven Kounnas: a good thing to note and to remember as we go through this,

Steven Kounnas: with CAPTUR3D we charge one price.

Steven Kounnas: No matter how big the property is, how many levels,

Steven Kounnas: or what type of floor plan you're trying to receive,

Steven Kounnas: it's one simple price of $16.

Steven Kounnas: As I go through these different examples and we do talk about the strategies at the end,

Steven Kounnas: it's really important to note because that is going

Steven Kounnas: to be your baseline for creating value for yourself and for

Steven Kounnas: your business as you can sell each one of these

Steven Kounnas: differently and for different markups and different profit margins.

Steven Kounnas: So it's really important to know.

Steven Kounnas: For $16, you'll be able to receive everything that we'll show you here today.

Steven Kounnas: The first one that we've got up here on the board really

Steven Kounnas: simply is placing your client's branding within a floor plan.

Dan Smigrod: Excuse me, Steven. I just see your desktop.

Dan Smigrod: Should I be looking at?

Steven Kounnas: Let me try again? It's that coming through?

Dan Smigrod: Yes. Thank you.

Steven Kounnas: My apologies. As beautiful as my background is, this is a little bit more important.

Steven Kounnas: As I was saying, with client branding,

Steven Kounnas: we'll dive in here just get things going.

Steven Kounnas: You can see here on the right-hand side the example that we've got.

Steven Kounnas: It's a few little things that help provide

Steven Kounnas: your customer with the satisfaction that they're seeing their brand, their icons,

Steven Kounnas: and in some cases their faces. You can put their icons

Steven Kounnas: and their images onto the floor plan.

Steven Kounnas: Their branding.

Steven Kounnas: Their logos. Their colors and the way that they speak

Steven Kounnas: about their floor plans is really important to make it feel like theirs.

Steven Kounnas: Being able to offer this to clients really easily is one of

Steven Kounnas: the probably the easiest strategies to get into the door to start offering services.

Steven Kounnas: If you provide a standard floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: they can usually get that anyway.

Steven Kounnas: Being able to provide a customized one makes it a lot more

Steven Kounnas: unique to you and to that customer in itself.

Dan Smigrod: Hold there just for a second because,

Dan Smigrod: forgive me, but I want to stay on this floor plan and ask you some questions.

Dan Smigrod: I see the logo in the bottom left in black and white.

Dan Smigrod: Can that logo be anywhere on here if I want to specify,

Dan Smigrod: I want it on the top left, top right?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah. Any way you like.

Dan Smigrod: I noticed that this is in meters.

Dan Smigrod: I'm in the United States.

Dan Smigrod: Can this be feet and inches?

Steven Kounnas: Yes, it can, quite easily by click of a button.

Dan Smigrod: I noticed that this floor plan is in English.

Dan Smigrod: Are there options for other languages?

Steven Kounnas: Yes. We have five base languages being English,

Steven Kounnas: German, French,

Steven Kounnas: Dutch, and Spanish.

Steven Kounnas: But if there's any other languages that we don't have as our standard,

Steven Kounnas: we provide a spreadsheet that has a list of

Steven Kounnas: room names and then what you would call those room names in your local language,

Steven Kounnas: and we use that as a template for you moving forward.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome, and then I noticed on this disclaimer,

Dan Smigrod: if I have words that I want to use that are different,

Dan Smigrod: can I specify what the disclaimer words are?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, absolutely. That's probably one of the more important items to

Steven Kounnas: cover from a global point of view because in

Steven Kounnas: each country and different regions of different countries,

Steven Kounnas: they have different requirements for disclaimers and even the floor plan themselves.

Steven Kounnas: All of those things are changeable for that purpose to make sure that we're

Steven Kounnas: delivering floor plans to the local requirements that are necessary.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, Great. That's client branding as

Dan Smigrod: an example of a strategy for selling floor plans as an Add On.

Steven Kounnas: The last one here, that I didn't touch on before I move along,

Steven Kounnas: you mentioned changing the logos and things around.

Steven Kounnas: One of the easiest things to do as well is just to upload

Steven Kounnas: a version of the design that you're trying to recreate.

Steven Kounnas: If a client that you're about to start working with has

Steven Kounnas: an existing floor plan that they want to continue to create,

Steven Kounnas: we're able to receive that as a template,

Steven Kounnas: recreate it in our back-end and then deliver that back to you when you need it as well.

Dan Smigrod: Do I need to do that or does CAPTUR3D have

Dan Smigrod: some default examples of floor plans and I can

Dan Smigrod: select one that I like best for my clients?

Steven Kounnas: Correct. Yes. So we do have a baseline of

Steven Kounnas: templates which we'll go through towards the end, I guess,

Steven Kounnas: or towards the middle when we go through a bit of a live demo,

Steven Kounnas: but if there is more specific,

Steven Kounnas: unique designs, then you can upload a floor plan and we can go from there.

Steven Kounnas: The next one, as an example,

Steven Kounnas: is a site plan.

Steven Kounnas: You can see here on the right-hand side of my screen,

Steven Kounnas: the site plan is the boundary of the property.

Steven Kounnas: Matterport obviously CAPTUR3Ds the interiors perfectly and you

Steven Kounnas: can do some in the exterior around dusk and dawn and things like that,

Steven Kounnas: but it's not necessary to scan outside for us to create a site plan.

Steven Kounnas: You can see here how we go about doing it.

Steven Kounnas: It's a mixture of satellite images and 360 exteriors from Matterport,

Steven Kounnas: or if you're a drone photographer,

Steven Kounnas: riding a drone shot from above,

Steven Kounnas: is useful, or you can even hand draw it and I think we'd go from there.

Steven Kounnas: It's not all of those things,

Steven Kounnas: it's just one of those items and we can create a site plan.

Steven Kounnas: It's super-easy and really,

Steven Kounnas: really beneficial to the client.

Steven Kounnas: They know that they're going to be receiving a floor plan in most cases,

Steven Kounnas: but when you provide back a detailed site plan showing space on the property,

Steven Kounnas: it has an immense value proposition for,

Steven Kounnas: not only the real estate agent,

Steven Kounnas: but the vendor [homeowner] selling the property as well.

Dan Smigrod: A couple of questions on CAPTUR3D site plans.

Dan Smigrod: Just for clarification, at the top of the show,

Dan Smigrod: you mentioned $16 per floor plan.

Dan Smigrod: You're now showing a floor plan and the site plan.

Dan Smigrod: Is the site plan included in the $16 as well?

Steven Kounnas: Yes, it is. Everything we are going through today is just one price.

Dan Smigrod: Great. Second is if I have not shot

Dan Smigrod: any Matterport 360 Views or any Matterport

Dan Smigrod: Scans outdoors and I don't provide you any drone photography,

Dan Smigrod: are you still able to do the site plan based on the satellite images alone?

Steven Kounnas: Yes, we are. The accuracy of the site plan might not have

Steven Kounnas: the finer details like shrubs or trees under awnings that we wouldn't be able to see,

Steven Kounnas: but we'll be able to create pretty

Steven Kounnas: well the site plan that you see on the right-hand side.

Steven Kounnas: Here, you can see where the residence is, the shed,

Steven Kounnas: the pathways, and the main areas of that property in itself.

Steven Kounnas: The satellite images are very useful,

Steven Kounnas: but we do need to acknowledge that they're not always up-to-date,

Steven Kounnas: and so if you've recently done a renovation, they might be outdated.

Steven Kounnas: Just be cautious so when you're going to

Steven Kounnas: a property to maybe just do a couple of outdoor 360s

Steven Kounnas: Then our team uses that as a reference point to make sure that

Steven Kounnas: what they're seeing in the satellite image

Steven Kounnas: is actually what's going on on the ground as well.

Dan Smigrod: On a site plan,

Dan Smigrod: if I do give you 360 Views outdoors and or drone photography,

Dan Smigrod: then when CAPTUR3D does a site plan,

Dan Smigrod: will the landscaping reflect the kind of shrubbery,

Dan Smigrod: plants, on the property?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah. Well, to a certain extent.

Steven Kounnas: Look, site plans aren't the most detailed.

Steven Kounnas: You're not going to have a plant-to-plant,

Steven Kounnas: but the plants are going to be in the right locations if we can see them.

Steven Kounnas: Really important one is when you've got,

Steven Kounnas: we call them awnings in Australia.

Steven Kounnas: Sure, it's the same in the States.

Steven Kounnas: It's coverings that you can't see from above,

Steven Kounnas: but they're outdoor areas.

Steven Kounnas: There's a lot of great information and a lot of value to the property under those spaces.

Steven Kounnas: If we are able to see it, then we can draw it and make it more valuable in the site plan.

Dan Smigrod: A site plan would be a second strategy to sell floor plans as

Dan Smigrod: an Add On is actually offer both the floor plan and the site plan,

Dan Smigrod: and again, still $16 US for the combination?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah. Correct. That strategy site is almost like your two-for-one.

Steven Kounnas: You've got your floor plan and now you could offer

Steven Kounnas: this site plan however you choose to price it,

Steven Kounnas: but it looks like it's a two-for-one for the client,

Steven Kounnas: but really, it's just one offering from us.

Dan Smigrod: This property looks pretty large.

Dan Smigrod: Is there a limit on the size of a property to get back a floor plan?

Steven Kounnas: No, we have no limits on our floor plans.

Steven Kounnas: We'll go through it towards the end.

Steven Kounnas: There is a 24-hour turnaround for bigger properties, but usually,

Steven Kounnas: it's a lot quicker, but there is no limit on the size.

Steven Kounnas: As a test, we did test our floor planners to do a complete floor plan for an IKEA.

Steven Kounnas: So as long as your properties are around the size of an IKEA or small, we should be fine.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. That probably includes nearly 100 percent of the properties.

Dan Smigrod: Great. So that's second; site plan as a strategy,

Dan Smigrod: there's also floor plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D.

Steven Kounnas: Beautiful. The next one,

Steven Kounnas: and these are becoming more and more popular at the moment.

Steven Kounnas: We started offering these,

Steven Kounnas: maybe two or so years ago.

Steven Kounnas: They're 3D virtual floor plans.

Steven Kounnas: We're creating a static 3D version

Steven Kounnas: of the floor plan with all the measurements and all of the furniture within the property.

Steven Kounnas: These kind of weren't really that popular too long ago

Steven Kounnas: because they're quite time-consuming to create and quite expensive,

Steven Kounnas: but with advances in technology,

Steven Kounnas: they're now quite a lot easier to create and therefore,

Steven Kounnas: making it more higher adoption within the markets.

Steven Kounnas: From our point of view, we say this is

Steven Kounnas: amazing value adds for a number of different reasons.

Steven Kounnas: One, it's standing you out from the crowd,

Steven Kounnas: and so you don't have your standard 2D floor plan

Steven Kounnas: on your piece of paper or on your billboards,

Steven Kounnas: but sometimes, a lot of people struggle to actually understand a standard floor plan.

Steven Kounnas: These floor plans give you the perspective of understanding, okay,

Steven Kounnas: Well, a bed is in this room and this is how big

Steven Kounnas: this room could be or how different items could move around.

Steven Kounnas: It's a half step away from a Matterport tour where you have the full interactivity,

Steven Kounnas: but gives you that overview of that space in itself.

Steven Kounnas: Again, these can be all branded. As you can see on this one.

Steven Kounnas: This one's black with Tommy's,

Steven Kounnas: but can be all sorts of different brandings and everything else around it as well.

Dan Smigrod: I'm confused about pricing.

Dan Smigrod: Is this $16 and I get a 2D floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: a 2D site plan,

Dan Smigrod: and a 3D virtually staged static plan?

Steven Kounnas: Each floor plan type,

Steven Kounnas: so the 2D,

Steven Kounnas: the site plan, and the floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: and then the 3D, each of them individually $16.

Steven Kounnas: However, we've got a really good deal that runs with the 3D floor plans,

Steven Kounnas: which I believe is on my next slide,

Steven Kounnas: which is that with every 3D floor plan that you order,

Steven Kounnas: we will provide you with a 2D floor plan for free.

Dan Smigrod: For clarification, I'm looking at on the left side,

Dan Smigrod: a 2D floor plan and a site plan.

Dan Smigrod: On the right side, I'm looking at a 3D floor plan and a site plan.

Dan Smigrod: Today, at least there is a offer from

Dan Smigrod: CAPTUR3D that if I order what's on the right for $16,

Dan Smigrod: then I also get what's on the left at no extra charge.

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, that's correct. Because a lot of the time that takes to create

Steven Kounnas: floor plans is measure the rooms and get the right measurements and label everything.

Steven Kounnas: We're able to create this double value for our clients,

Steven Kounnas: because we're doing a lot of the legwork up front.

Steven Kounnas: We also appreciate that the 3D virtual floor plan is a great marketing tool,

Steven Kounnas: but it's not always accepted as a standard floor plans in certain regions.

Steven Kounnas: You'll still need to supply your standard floor plans to

Steven Kounnas: be up to legislation [MLS] depending on where you're listing your property potentially.

Steven Kounnas: Using those for the necessities being floor and sites plans,

Steven Kounnas: but then having your amazing virtual floor plan as your marketing tool as well.

Steven Kounnas: Again, it's bundling in a lot of value, that $16,

Steven Kounnas: and we'll talk about it later around how to then sell that,

Steven Kounnas: but there's a lot that you could then sell that to

Steven Kounnas: your clients to the future because you're creating so much value for them.

Dan Smigrod: Just to be clear,

Dan Smigrod: this is presently a CAPTUR3D special offer.

Steven Kounnas: Yes, it is.

Dan Smigrod: That might change, but presently for $16,

Dan Smigrod: you can get what's on the right and what's on the left, total $16.

Steven Kounnas: That's correct.

Dan Smigrod: That's a special offer from CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: For clarification on the right where we're looking at

Dan Smigrod: the 3D version of the floor plan, two questions.

Dan Smigrod: One, I see that there are measurements on there.

Dan Smigrod: I can imagine for a hotel room,

Dan Smigrod: I might not want actual measurements and I may not

Dan Smigrod: even want room labels because I now see there's a bed.

Dan Smigrod: Can I get the plan without labels,

Dan Smigrod: without measurements if I'd like it that way?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, definitely. It's completely customizable to the way that you would like it.

Steven Kounnas: If you are servicing a lot of hotels,

Steven Kounnas: for instance, and this was a common occurrence,

Steven Kounnas: what we would do for you is we would create

Steven Kounnas: a specific template that wouldn't have any labels or measurements.

Steven Kounnas: Then you could use that each time that you order one of those for your client.

Steven Kounnas: Alternatively, this is the one-off in the notes, you can request.

Steven Kounnas: Please leave the measurements and notes out for

Steven Kounnas: this one and our team will deliver back onto your request.

Dan Smigrod: If I look at the left or the right,

Dan Smigrod: gee, I think it's two questions here, Steven.

Dan Smigrod: One, you may have labeled something garage.

Dan Smigrod: In Atlanta, that might be called the carport.

Dan Smigrod: If I haven't specified that upfront,

Dan Smigrod: can I still make a change?

Dan Smigrod: Is there a charge?

Dan Smigrod: Also, I noticed on the bed,

Dan Smigrod: you used the white linen.

Dan Smigrod: If I wanted a different color linen or I wanted

Dan Smigrod: two twin beds in that room, can I do all this?

Dan Smigrod: Is there a charge for that?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah. Two questions,

Steven Kounnas: so I'll answer separately.

Steven Kounnas: The first part with the naming conventions.

Steven Kounnas: There's a number of different ways to answer this question.

Steven Kounnas: You can have as many amendments [changes] as you require and that's completely free.

Steven Kounnas: We appreciate that some clients are

Steven Kounnas: pretty particular with the way that they want

Steven Kounnas: their spaces labeled and named and everything.

Steven Kounnas: Sometimes you just need to update something really quickly

Steven Kounnas: from bedroom one to a study or whatever it may be.

Steven Kounnas: All of those things are rapid turnaround and completely for free,

Steven Kounnas: because we want to make sure that you're getting

Steven Kounnas: the service back to you as quickly as possible.

Steven Kounnas: By us providing for free,

Steven Kounnas: it means that we're going to be more poignant and making sure that when we

Steven Kounnas: deliver it the first time is as close to perfect as possible.

Steven Kounnas: It's a win-win for everyone in that situation.

Steven Kounnas: To help with this whole process as well,

Steven Kounnas: we do provide a lexicon option.

Steven Kounnas: If you've got standards that you'd like to call carport garage,

Steven Kounnas: your bedrooms, your lounge rooms,

Steven Kounnas: and the rest of it, you can label those and that's not just for you as an individual,

Steven Kounnas: you could do that for each different client that you have.

Steven Kounnas: Each client may have different names that they like to use.

Steven Kounnas: We save that in the account against that client,

Steven Kounnas: every time you order a floor plan for them,

Steven Kounnas: we will use that and make sure that we deliver it back to the right labels.

Steven Kounnas: To the second part of that question around the virtual staging within the floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: I'll go back to this example to say it's a little bit better.

Steven Kounnas: Yes, you can change out.

Steven Kounnas: Let's say we're looking at the master bedroom.

Steven Kounnas: Can you please change this from a single bed to two singles and a queen? For instance.

Steven Kounnas: Our team can go in there and change those pieces around.

Steven Kounnas: We are slightly limited on complete customizations.

Steven Kounnas: I think there's over 10,000 assets within the database that we can utilize,

Steven Kounnas: but that doesn't mean it's got everything,

Steven Kounnas: and so we'll get something that's pretty close to what you're wanting,

Steven Kounnas: but it might not always be perfect,

Steven Kounnas: and that's just on the limitations of the technology.

Dan Smigrod: For $16, it seems like the deal of the century anyway.

Steven Kounnas: Good to know. I will let our team know because they keep creating those assets.

Steven Kounnas: We went through the 2D and-

Dan Smigrod: Forgive me, I think that with a third strategy to

Dan Smigrod: sell floor plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D is to offer

Dan Smigrod: the 3D version as an extra bonus to a client because that certainly

Dan Smigrod: maybe something they either haven't seen before or

Dan Smigrod: makes the difference in helping them either get the listing,

Dan Smigrod: get the next listing or help make the sale on the property.

Steven Kounnas: Correct. Standing out from the crowd is the big one for them.

Steven Kounnas: The next one is different file formats.

Steven Kounnas: For the vast majority of what we've been speaking

Steven Kounnas: to prior has been very real estate focused.

Steven Kounnas: But there's a lot of other industries that utilizes

Steven Kounnas: floor plans outside of real estate for obvious reasons.

Steven Kounnas: With CAPTUR3D, we offer a wide range of file types.

Steven Kounnas: You can see them here on the left-hand side of this screen.

Steven Kounnas: I'll quickly go through where you could utilize


(Continued below)
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(Continued from above)


Steven Kounnas: these four different industries or different purposes.

Steven Kounnas: Your JPEGs and your PNGs

Steven Kounnas: are more for your print presentations.

Steven Kounnas: These are very hi-res images and are usually quite large in size.

Steven Kounnas: These are perfect for brochures or sign boards or

Steven Kounnas: anything that you're going to be creating at high resolution.

Steven Kounnas: Your GIFs and your PDFs are more of your low-res versions.

Steven Kounnas: Not that they're losing any bad quality,

Steven Kounnas: but this is more for web experiences.

Steven Kounnas: If you're putting it on a property portal or a website,

Steven Kounnas: making sure that it loads really quickly and efficiently,

Steven Kounnas: these are the file types that you want to be using in those circumstances.

Dan Smigrod: I'm confused on GIF because I always think

Dan Smigrod: of that as being there's some movement going on.

Steven Kounnas: Not necessarily. A GIF is

Steven Kounnas: just a different file format as an image that has a lightweight file format.

Steven Kounnas: It can be a moving format, but not always.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, cool.

Steven Kounnas: The next three steps outside of real estate into various industries,

Steven Kounnas: so RVTs stands for Revit.

Steven Kounnas: Anyone that's working within engineering space or architectural space,

Steven Kounnas: would use a 3D software tool that allows them to see the space,

Steven Kounnas: extrude the walls and then stop manipulating or editing it how they need.

Steven Kounnas: Revit is one of those key tools.

Steven Kounnas: The next one is CAD.

Steven Kounnas: It's very similar to Revit.

Steven Kounnas: There's a little bit more detailed.

Steven Kounnas: AutoCAD, for instance, is a really good software tool that ingests those floor plants.

Steven Kounnas: Again, it's more engineering and architectural for those spaces.

Steven Kounnas: The last one is the DWG.

Steven Kounnas: Again, all three of these are very similar format where it's more spatial,

Steven Kounnas: and 3D information allows you to edit

Steven Kounnas: and manipulate the floor plan once you've got it into a certain space to use.

Dan Smigrod: On the RVT, the CAD,

Dan Smigrod: the DWG, are these three dimensional floor plans that you're providing?

Dan Smigrod: Or is it a 2D version?

Dan Smigrod: Within a 3D format?

Steven Kounnas: It's a 2D version within a 3D format,

Steven Kounnas: but these 3D software tools,

Steven Kounnas: once you bring them in as 2D,

Steven Kounnas: you can pull the walls up pretty

Steven Kounnas: quickly based on the height of your walls going from there.

Steven Kounnas: The difficulty around creating a 3D floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: which we do under some circumstances, under requests,

Steven Kounnas: is once you start doing that,

Steven Kounnas: then you have to start adding the things like

Steven Kounnas: the windows and the doors exactly where they are.

Steven Kounnas: It brings in another layer of

Steven Kounnas: difficulty that we've decided to just stay away from at this point in time.

Dan Smigrod: The RVT, the Revit file,

Dan Smigrod: that might be a quick way for

Dan Smigrod: an architect to begin an As-Built or a renovation project.

Steven Kounnas: Correct.

Dan Smigrod: The architect is building on top of

Dan Smigrod: the existing floor plan without drawing it because it's already been drawn by you.

Steven Kounnas: Correct.

Dan Smigrod: I got it. Cool. Who would use a DWG file?

Dan Smigrod: Is that a space planner, typically?

Steven Kounnas: Space planner would be a good example for DWG.

Steven Kounnas: It's a lot more mobile version of a Revit file.

Steven Kounnas: Revit is quite complex to a certain extent,

Steven Kounnas: and so DWG is a lot more useful for individuals like space planners.

Steven Kounnas: We have a lot of customers using DWGs for fit-out purposes.

Steven Kounnas: They will scan empty office spaces and use a DWG,

Steven Kounnas: and then space planners would then create

Steven Kounnas: four or five different layers within that to show

Steven Kounnas: different types of co-working spaces or corporate

Steven Kounnas: or the different areas in which they could utilize the area.

Dan Smigrod: Cool. Anything else on the floor plan files?

Dan Smigrod: I guess I should ask one question while you're here.

Dan Smigrod: The actual dimensions of the deliverable,

Dan Smigrod: can that be changed?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, and it does need to be changed as well.

Steven Kounnas: It goes back to the point that I was making before that

Steven Kounnas: each region has different specifics that they needed the floor plans under.

Steven Kounnas: I'm not an expert on each region,

Steven Kounnas: but I appreciate that in some areas you need to go to the exterior wall,

Steven Kounnas: some is the interior wall, some include

Steven Kounnas: the garage as part of the total area, some don't.

Steven Kounnas: Any areas that heated is considered part of the floor plan space.

Steven Kounnas: Each place is different.

Steven Kounnas: So what we like to do for our customers is understand,

Steven Kounnas: firstly, the region that they're in,

Steven Kounnas: and we've probably got the standards for that region.

Steven Kounnas: But if not, we'll communicate with them to understand what

Steven Kounnas: they would need to see out of that floor plan and how it's measured.

Steven Kounnas: We can provide that action quite easily.

Dan Smigrod: I'm thinking in terms of the MLS systems having in the United States,

Dan Smigrod: the multiple listing services,

Dan Smigrod: having different sizes for photography,

Dan Smigrod: and therefore, I may want to treat a floor plan as

Dan Smigrod: a photo and just import it into the MLS,

Dan Smigrod: treat it like yet another photo.

Dan Smigrod: I want it to be sized accordingly,

Dan Smigrod: and so I can specify that upfront when I place an order?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, definitely. If you understand

Steven Kounnas: the aspect ratios and the size of the images that you're placing in,

Steven Kounnas: we can replicate that on the export so far.

Dan Smigrod: Cool. That actually begs another question for MLS is,

Dan Smigrod: it's awesome to have the logos on

Dan Smigrod: the floor plan for the purpose of selling the floor plan into

Dan Smigrod: the real estate agent to be able to

Dan Smigrod: always have their branding when possible when sharing with their clients and prospects.

Dan Smigrod: But obviously, for MLS,

Dan Smigrod: they can't include the logo.

Dan Smigrod: Do you provide for the $16 a version that's with logo and a version without?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, it's a really good question.

Steven Kounnas: Yes, we do, for that exact purpose.

Steven Kounnas: It's under request on the order,

Steven Kounnas: please provide one logo and without logo,

Steven Kounnas: and the team does just that.

Steven Kounnas: It's exactly the way that you've explained it.

Steven Kounnas: You have your marketing version and

Steven Kounnas: then your MLS version as well that you can easily upload.

Steven Kounnas: From our point of view, our team obviously creates it with all the logos and everything.

Steven Kounnas: It looks beautiful, exports that,

Steven Kounnas: removes all of the things that can't be approved by MLS,

Steven Kounnas: then exploits that as a second file,

Steven Kounnas: and do those both under the file formats that you require.

Dan Smigrod: That's interesting. I notice on the left side of your sheet there,

Dan Smigrod: it says "Available File Types."

Dan Smigrod: If I just need JPEG or PNG,

Dan Smigrod: I can just specify which file formats,

Dan Smigrod: so that I'm not overwhelmed with

Dan Smigrod: yet additional digital assets that I may not need/want to use.

Dan Smigrod: I might say I would like branded and unbranded PNG, JPEG,

Dan Smigrod: but if I don't need PDF,

Dan Smigrod: RVT, CAD,

Dan Smigrod: DWG, etc.,

Dan Smigrod: I can just specify the file formats out of that list that I want.

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, correct. If you did nothing,

Steven Kounnas: we deliver back a JPEG and a PDF version of

Steven Kounnas: every floor plan as default at hi-res and digital versions,

Steven Kounnas: but you can always edit and change that,

Steven Kounnas: depending on what is it that you require.

Dan Smigrod: When you have multiple floors,

Dan Smigrod: are the floors delivered as individual PNG files,

Dan Smigrod: or is it all ganged together on one page?

Steven Kounnas: That's up to the discretion of whoever is ordering it.

Steven Kounnas: Some people and some companies like them altogether on a single page,

Steven Kounnas: some like them all on individuals,

Steven Kounnas: and some like both versions available to them.

Steven Kounnas: Again, that's part of the request that you can make on order,

Steven Kounnas: then you place each floor on a different page,

Steven Kounnas: place them together, give me versions of both.

Steven Kounnas: Or if this does happen quite regularly, again,

Steven Kounnas: we set up templates for our customers,

Steven Kounnas: so they can just click a button. That's easy for us to do.

Dan Smigrod: What I'm hearing is, there's just one price. It's $16.

Dan Smigrod: It doesn't matter what size, space it is,

Dan Smigrod: it doesn't matter whether it's in feet and inches or metric,

Dan Smigrod: labels, no labels, branded,

Dan Smigrod: unbranded, 3D, 2D, site plan,

Dan Smigrod: various floor plans, file types,

Dan Smigrod: it's all one price, all inclusive, $16.

Steven Kounnas: Let's make it easy, but yes.

Dan Smigrod: That's my impression. I go,

Dan Smigrod: wow, well, that was super-easy.

Dan Smigrod: I don't have to think about all the different permutations that I might be creating.

Dan Smigrod: Not that I want to suggest that you're not

Dan Smigrod: charging enough and you might want to increase pricing,

Dan Smigrod: because $16 sounds like the deal of the century.

Dan Smigrod: It's probably, even if I may just staring at this page,

Dan Smigrod: because in the back of my head, I think,

Dan Smigrod: well, I can order Matterport floor plans for $15.

Dan Smigrod: If I pay $1 more,

Dan Smigrod: I get so many other opportunities.

Dan Smigrod: Matterport, I'm limited to $15 for under 10,000 square feet.

Dan Smigrod: Then if I want to get a space that's over 10,000 square feet,

Dan Smigrod: it's going to cost me $30.

Dan Smigrod: Then if it's over 25,000 square feet,

Dan Smigrod: Matterport won't even touch it.

Dan Smigrod: Then in terms of file formats,

Dan Smigrod: Matterport's going to only give me PNG,

Dan Smigrod: SVG, and PDF in black and white.

Dan Smigrod: There's no option for color.

Dan Smigrod: Not only does it come with the Matterport logo,

Dan Smigrod: my licensing of using Matterport assets requires that

Dan Smigrod: I keep that Matterport logo on the floor plan and not remove the Matterport logo.

Dan Smigrod: For $1 more,

Dan Smigrod: I get site plans included, color,

Dan Smigrod: additional file types, not limited in terms of size,

Dan Smigrod: I can have the text that I want,

Dan Smigrod: format it the way I want with unlimited I guess you'd call it amendments,

Dan Smigrod: I would call it unlimited changes,

Dan Smigrod: and there's just one price.

Steven Kounnas: - That's correct.

Dan Smigrod: - Yeah. I just have to say,

Dan Smigrod: any of our WGAN-TV viewers that are looking at this page,

Dan Smigrod: listening to this conversation,

Dan Smigrod: if you're presently using Matterport to create your floor plans,

Dan Smigrod: run - don't walk - to CAPTUR3D or by the way,

Dan Smigrod: you can try it out again,

Dan Smigrod: you can receive a $90 CAPTUR3D credit.

Dan Smigrod: It's good for five CAPTUR3D floor plans,

Dan Smigrod: plus you'll still have change leftover.

Dan Smigrod: Use the WGAN affiliate link: WGAN.INFO/CAPTUR3D

Dan Smigrod: That's really awesome.

Dan Smigrod: What else have you got to show us?

Steven Kounnas: - What's in my next slide here?

Steven Kounnas: Just to your point, I guess it's where we started out as a

Steven Kounnas: MSP. Before we started creating floor plans and things like that, at CAPTUR3D.

Steven Kounnas: We started to find so much value in our floor plans,

Steven Kounnas: but we found it really difficult to find a really good floor plan provider,

Steven Kounnas: and that's why we started CAPTUR3D in the beginning.

Steven Kounnas: This was one of the first services that we brought on board.

Steven Kounnas: Our philosophy has always been,

Steven Kounnas: do the opposite to the things

Steven Kounnas: that have frustrated us by the clients that we had to work with in the past.

Steven Kounnas: That's why we have those single pricings and a lot of offerings that we do create,

Steven Kounnas: because we know that it's a lot easier for you to understand, but then also to sell.

Steven Kounnas: Our goal isn't for us to make mountains of money,

Steven Kounnas: we want to make good with

Steven Kounnas: our customers to be able to create value for them to be able to make money,

Steven Kounnas: because that's a win-win-win triangle for everyone.

Steven Kounnas: The last part here that we can just touch on,

Steven Kounnas: templates which we've been touching on throughout

Steven Kounnas: the whole piece but it's also fast turnaround.

Steven Kounnas: We appreciate that things need to be happening really quickly.

Steven Kounnas: We'll have floor plans delivered within 24 hours.

Steven Kounnas: To be fair, usually between 12 hours unless they're super large floor plans.

Steven Kounnas: They're back within your hands usually overnight if you're ordering overnight.

Steven Kounnas: As we're talking about free changes or amendments,

Steven Kounnas: all of those have rapid turnaround times within it.

Steven Kounnas: We've talked about the templates. You can have as many

Steven Kounnas: of these as you like, completely unlimited.

Steven Kounnas: If you have 1,000 customers and each one of them has

Steven Kounnas: a different design that they would like to use,

Steven Kounnas: we can replicate that and have it as

Steven Kounnas: a one-click option each time you create a virtual tool for them.

Steven Kounnas: One click, within 12 hours you have their design back to them.

Dan Smigrod: - Two questions from looking at this page here, Steven.

Dan Smigrod: This is all based on Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: If I submit my Matterport tour,

Dan Smigrod: the tour's been processed,

Dan Smigrod: I send it to CAPTUR3D before I leave the office,

Dan Smigrod: let's call it 6 PM ET.

Dan Smigrod: When I wake up,

Dan Smigrod: I typically should have the CAPTUR3D floor plan waiting for me.

Steven Kounnas: - That's the goal.

Dan Smigrod: - In the majority of the case.

Dan Smigrod: Then second, actually, two things.

Dan Smigrod: We've been talking about, first,

Dan Smigrod: on Matterport, CAPTUR3D can't begin work until the floor plan is ready.

Dan Smigrod: Can I just say to CAPTUR3D, "Hey!

Dan Smigrod: Here's the link. When it processes,

Dan Smigrod: please get started."

Dan Smigrod: Or, do I have to wait until Matterport processes before I communicate with CAPTUR3D?

Steven Kounnas: - No, it's actually really a good point.

Steven Kounnas: Would you like me to take you through a couple of

Steven Kounnas: different ways that you can order a floor plan?

Dan Smigrod: - While you're setting up,

Dan Smigrod: I guess the other question I had on that is if I have a sketch,

Dan Smigrod: can you work off of a sketch?

Dan Smigrod: Sketch with some maybe a couple of laser measurements on some key rooms.

Dan Smigrod: Is that sufficient?

Steven Kounnas: - Yeah, it is. All three of those questions are

Steven Kounnas: actually really well aligned with the way that our system is thought through and created.

Steven Kounnas: For those of you who know CAPTUR3D, this is the dashboard.

Steven Kounnas: This is where all the action happens.

Steven Kounnas: There are a number of [WGAN-TV shows] going through each of the features.

Steven Kounnas: A number of shows that we've done together with Dan, where

Steven Kounnas: we go through a number of the features that we've got here.

Steven Kounnas: For anything to start, click on the "New".

Steven Kounnas: We're going to jump into the Floor Plan section here to begin with,

Steven Kounnas: but I'll go through how you could use the other ones to also get

Steven Kounnas: your floor plans as quickly as possible back to you.

Steven Kounnas: At this point here, you can see here there's

Steven Kounnas: two options from a Matterport URL or from a file.

Steven Kounnas: To your point, just then, Dan,

Steven Kounnas: if you'd like to draw it out and then create

Steven Kounnas: the measurements or however it is that you're creating your floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: or if you've even got your building schematics,

Steven Kounnas: this happens a fair bit where people have done a renovation and they've got

Steven Kounnas: the building plans and they want to convert that

Steven Kounnas: into a more real estate focused floor plan.

Steven Kounnas: Upload that file, and we can then send it back to you in the format that you require.

Steven Kounnas: If we go down the route of the Matterport side,

Steven Kounnas: do I have a link for both? No, I don't.

Steven Kounnas: You put your Matterport URL in and your address.

Steven Kounnas: Pretty simple, because we need this for the site plan,

Steven Kounnas: and also any of the other information around your region.

Steven Kounnas: This is telling me that I'm here in Melbourne, Australia or Victoria.

Steven Kounnas: We talked about this at the top around CAPTUR3D

Steven Kounnas: providing a number of templates that you could use off the bat.

Steven Kounnas: You can see here our standard templates.

Steven Kounnas: This is the 3D floor and site plan.

Steven Kounnas: If you click on it, you get a quick example here on

Steven Kounnas: the left-hand side of the ones that we're looking at.

Steven Kounnas: This one is the square foot version.

Steven Kounnas: We've also got the square meter ones.

Steven Kounnas: The floor and site plans.

Steven Kounnas: We went through this one before as well,

Steven Kounnas: both in square foot and imperial.

Steven Kounnas: We've got the standard floor plan as well,

Steven Kounnas: both in square foot and in metric.

Steven Kounnas: Then all the ones below here are all the ones that we've got

Steven Kounnas: as our custom ones that we've uploaded at one point in time.

Steven Kounnas: If I was to look at my French template,

Steven Kounnas: for instance, it looks like it's a PDF in there or Jellis Craig.

Steven Kounnas: Let me find one of the other ones here.

Steven Kounnas: That would do.

Steven Kounnas: There we go. My templates don't want to be coming up but they're all sitting within them.

Steven Kounnas: You select one of those as your option that you would like to create it.

Steven Kounnas: I didn't even notice that we're discussing before so leave the room labels off,

Steven Kounnas: whatever may be and that's for disposal.

Steven Kounnas: You could also upload any additional files that may help.

Steven Kounnas: This is where you would upload your drawn image potentially,

Steven Kounnas: or anything that you would need to add into the section.

Dan Smigrod: I'm not limited to one upload,

Dan Smigrod: so if I want to upload a logo and maybe I

Dan Smigrod: have some other drawing that might be helpful.

Dan Smigrod: Maybe I have a 2D photo of the backyard,

Dan Smigrod: I don't have the aerial,

Dan Smigrod: but I have it and I don't have a 360 scan but I got a couple of pictures,

Dan Smigrod: I could upload them there as well.

Steven Kounnas: Correct. That's exactly right,

Steven Kounnas: and if they're usually one off,

Steven Kounnas: that's the exact place to do it.

Steven Kounnas: But if you're going to be doing it consistently,

Steven Kounnas: we ask that you create a custom template.

Steven Kounnas: If I click on here,

Steven Kounnas: so creating a template, you give it a name.

Steven Kounnas: You could even use an existing plan,

Steven Kounnas: so let's say that this one is using

Steven Kounnas: our standard floor and site plan that you see here on the left-hand side.

Steven Kounnas: You could upload your logo and ask us to put it on the top left,

Steven Kounnas: bottom right, in the middle;

Steven Kounnas: do it as a watermark, for instance and then save

Steven Kounnas: that as a specific template through that option.

Dan Smigrod: This is the page I would use to say, client A,

Dan Smigrod: these colors, these logos,

Dan Smigrod: this disclaimer, this following text.

Dan Smigrod: Whether I want lit room labels,

Dan Smigrod: whether I want measurements, etc.

Dan Smigrod: Then I could keep doing this client B, Client C,

Dan Smigrod: client D. I have templates so if I understand this correctly,

Dan Smigrod: what CAPTUR3D is doing is creating super-fast workflows.

Dan Smigrod: That it's assuming that I'm just going to keep placing orders for each of these clients,

Dan Smigrod: and let's just make it easy for everyone by having a template for clients,

Dan Smigrod: A, B, C,

Dan Smigrod: D, E, F, and so forth.

Steven Kounnas: Correct. It's a volume game for a lot of it real estate.

Steven Kounnas: The quicker you can create your processes and pipelines,

Steven Kounnas: the easier your life's going to be,

Steven Kounnas: and more time you can spend with your family.

Steven Kounnas: That's adding a logo or items to an existing plan, but then obviously,

Steven Kounnas: the simplest version is to upload a completely customized floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: something that they may be already using or something that you see

Steven Kounnas: as being beautiful and would like to offer your clients as well.

Steven Kounnas: You upload that floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: our team receives it, breaks it all apart,

Steven Kounnas: gets the fonts, the colors,

Steven Kounnas: and builds it back together in their design software and so when an order comes in,

Steven Kounnas: they're ready to go with that design.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, just watching the show today.

Dan Smigrod: It's quite inspiring for me, Steven,

Dan Smigrod: because I said, "As you were talking,

Dan Smigrod: I could upload the architect's plans for a space that doesn't even exist

Dan Smigrod: yet and get back 2D schematic floor plans that are marketing appropriate,

Dan Smigrod: as well as a 3D staged space for a space that doesn't exist yet.

Steven Kounnas: Correct.

Dan Smigrod: Which means I don't have to wait for when I'm talking to

Dan Smigrod: a property management company that says,

Dan Smigrod: "Come back and scan in about six months when the space is ready for you."

Dan Smigrod: I can help that client today by saying, "Hey,

Dan Smigrod: we can create these 2D floor plans,

Dan Smigrod: these 3D floor plans, this site plan.

Dan Smigrod: All we need is your architect's drawings and we can take it from there."

Steven Kounnas: Exactly right.

Dan Smigrod: Cool. Pricing strategies. You went through,

Dan Smigrod: I counted: 7 Strategies,

Dan Smigrod: to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: I get it. Now,

Dan Smigrod: how do I price floor plans to our clients?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, again, this is going to be regions specific and even within different countries.

Steven Kounnas: Like Australia as an example,

Steven Kounnas: because I've got it good standing here because obviously I live here.

Steven Kounnas: Each state is different and metro cities to rural,

Steven Kounnas: everyone has different pricing strategies.

Steven Kounnas: But the way that we say it here in Australia and in a lot of parts of the world,

Steven Kounnas: what a standard floor plan used to cost before

Steven Kounnas: Matterport was a thing where people were doing with a laser and drawer,

Steven Kounnas: is about what a virtual tour costs these days in a lot of different areas.

Steven Kounnas: So you're able to offer in this virtual tour and

Steven Kounnas: these byproducts of what they usually used to receive in being

Steven Kounnas: a floor plan either at a small margin or to be able to

Steven Kounnas: use that as a tool to win that listing and then over time,

Steven Kounnas: build a repore with the client to then bring that

Steven Kounnas: back into the fray as a paid service as well.

Steven Kounnas: ... Again, it could be anything

Steven Kounnas: from $50-$500 depending on where you are for a standard floor plan.

Steven Kounnas: There's a lot of room to wiggle,

Steven Kounnas: especially when you're only being charged $16 to create it.

Dan Smigrod: This is a super-important point because

Dan Smigrod: I think it may be tempting for photographers to say,

Dan Smigrod: "It's cost me $16,

Dan Smigrod: I'll mark it up double,

Dan Smigrod: I'll mark it up triple."

Dan Smigrod: Stop right there!

Dan Smigrod: You may be talking to a client that's already spending $200, $300, $400.

Dan Smigrod: I've met a photographer at one point who was charging clients $500 to create floor plans,

Dan Smigrod: just like what Steven is showing,

Dan Smigrod: but without having the benefit of a Matterport tour to create it.

Dan Smigrod: He would go out and measure the space and

Dan Smigrod: then go back to the drafters and it would cost $500.


(Continued below)
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(Continued from above)

Dan Smigrod: This is probably a good example of think value-based pricing,

Dan Smigrod: not what your actual cost was.

Dan Smigrod: Do you want to pick it up from there?

Dan Smigrod: Do you have other pricing strategies to describe?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: Let's call that one value-based pricing.

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, there's also almost like a reverse version

Steven Kounnas: of that as well where you're selling the virtual tour

Steven Kounnas: but offering a floor plan as an Add On to that virtual tour.

Steven Kounnas: We see with a lot of customers that are scanning purely for a floor plan and so you do

Steven Kounnas: scan slightly differently and it's more rapid because

Steven Kounnas: you're not using it for the virtual tour, the client might not want it.

Steven Kounnas: But it's a lot quicker and a lot cheaper for you to use

Steven Kounnas: the Matterport to then output floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: then using traditional methods as well.

Steven Kounnas: Having that in your mind,

Steven Kounnas: if they just wanted a floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: how you could quickly get through a property,

Steven Kounnas: not doing all the intricate details and things like that to output

Steven Kounnas: a floor plan is also a really useful tool to know and remember.

Dan Smigrod: In that case, you're still using Matterport to do CAPTUR3D[floor plans].

Dan Smigrod: Just makes it easier for the photographer,

Dan Smigrod: and probably makes it easier for CAPTUR3D as a drafter.

Dan Smigrod: Let's just say you're going to charge $499 for a floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: let's just pick a number.

Dan Smigrod: You might say, and, we'll give you the Matterport tour for free.

Steven Kounnas: Potentially.

Dan Smigrod: Let's say, you're in a market where you're charging $250 for a Matterport tour,

Dan Smigrod: it may not be inconceivable to be charging $250 for floor plans as well.

Dan Smigrod: You may as an Add On,

Dan Smigrod: double the amount of revenue that you get for that property,

Dan Smigrod: but it may be for a particular client.

Dan Smigrod: It may make sense to just simply quote

Dan Smigrod: $499 for the floor plan and then Matterport tours for free?

Steven Kounnas: Exactly. I think, you hit the nail on the head for particular clients and you'll

Steven Kounnas: be working with your clients and understanding them better

Steven Kounnas: than us because you understand what they're going through,

Steven Kounnas: what their price points are, and what they look to spend?

Steven Kounnas: For some customers here, you go provide

Steven Kounnas: the exact same services and just processing it differently

Steven Kounnas: or framing it differently helps them digest the information

Steven Kounnas: and then potentially even sell it onto their Marketing Managers,

Steven Kounnas: or Directors, or principals,

Steven Kounnas: or whoever they need to do as well, it's really important.

Steven Kounnas: But the one thing that when speaking to a lot of

Steven Kounnas: the clients that do offer the floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: we've got the virtual tour.

Steven Kounnas: When I used to speak to them, but they remind me that they don't often like to give away

Steven Kounnas: the virtual tour because then it reduces

Steven Kounnas: the perceived value of what you can create in this Matterport.

Steven Kounnas: It's still there if you'd like to buy it,

Steven Kounnas: but I really did like your strategy there of just combining

Steven Kounnas: it all as like all for one price.

Steven Kounnas: This is everything that you get, that's a really good idea.

Dan Smigrod: Again, I think as you described Steven,

Dan Smigrod: it's going to depend on the listing, the market,

Dan Smigrod: the service level, the client, the client's needs.

Dan Smigrod: I think, it's really important to listen to if the client just wants

Dan Smigrod: floor plans and they don't want a tour, that's perfectly fine.

Dan Smigrod: Offer them floor plans: charge accordingly

Dan Smigrod: and your byproduct happens to be a Matterport tour,

Dan Smigrod: maybe, that becomes the Add On to the floor plan.

Dan Smigrod: If you're going to decide to say,

Dan Smigrod: "Well, I think I could get $350."

Dan Smigrod: I always speaking nine,

Dan Smigrod: so I would say $349.

Dan Smigrod: If you think you can get $349 for the floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: excuse me, you may have a price to offer the Matterport is as an Add On.

Dan Smigrod: I'm just flipping it around,

Dan Smigrod: it's still maybe Matterport plus floor plan equals the same price.

Dan Smigrod: Whether you've ordered the floor plan only,

Dan Smigrod: the Matterport only,

Dan Smigrod: the floor plan is the primary and the Matterport is

Dan Smigrod: the Add On or I've ordered a Matterport and the floor plan is an Add On.

Dan Smigrod: It actually happen.

Dan Smigrod: Because a lot of times people post to the We Get Around Network Forum,

Dan Smigrod: to say, "Hey,

Dan Smigrod: my client just needs a floor plan."

Dan Smigrod: How do you suggest I do that?

Dan Smigrod: The answer still maybe shoot Matterport in order to get the floor plan.

Dan Smigrod: It maybe a quick easy way.

Dan Smigrod: Then you still have an opportunity after

Dan Smigrod: you've delivered the floor plan to come back to the client and say,

Dan Smigrod: "Oh, by the way, if you'd like to 3D tour,

Dan Smigrod: that's an extra X,

Dan Smigrod: would you like that?"

Dan Smigrod: Still, we will have an Add On.

Steven Kounnas: I think, everyone would have gone through this experience

Steven Kounnas: starting as an MSP or Matterport business at one point.

Steven Kounnas: Having a client that is objective to the service,

Steven Kounnas: but then you scan something for them and you show

Steven Kounnas: them in their own space or their own property,

Steven Kounnas: or something of this being in Matterport virtual tour,

Steven Kounnas: and all of a sudden, that immediately changes like, "Wow! This is amazing."

Steven Kounnas: Because they'll finally saying something that's theirs in that space and you can use that

Steven Kounnas: a lot with these initial conversations

Steven Kounnas: and starting off with your client where you're offering them a floor plan.

Steven Kounnas: By the way, I created this and they are like,

Steven Kounnas: "Oh!" Then you dive into the pricing and build that relationship over time,

Steven Kounnas: so it becomes the standard for them to start ordering off you.

Dan Smigrod: There you have, Matterport tour is the discussion today:

Dan Smigrod: 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On [with CAPTUR3D]

Dan Smigrod: but it doesn't mean that Matterport can't be the Add On,

Dan Smigrod: it just that your client started with; they wanted floor plans.

Dan Smigrod: Use Matterport. Shoot the Tour.

Dan Smigrod: Create the floor plan.

Dan Smigrod: And know that you might be able to offer Matterport as an Add On.

Dan Smigrod: Other pricing strategies for floor plans as an Add On?

Steven Kounnas: Other pricing strategies for the floor plans?

Steven Kounnas: We're talking about before with the value of

Steven Kounnas: the 3D floor plan along with the 2D version as well.

Steven Kounnas: It's a two-for-one perceived value when you're offering these to your clients,

Steven Kounnas: you've mentioned it just before as well.

Steven Kounnas: Just because we're charging $16 doesn't mean that,

Steven Kounnas: we need to charge double or triple.

Steven Kounnas: Those two floor plans hold immense value from

Steven Kounnas: a marketing point of view and from standards point of view in some cases,

Steven Kounnas: the listing: without a schematic flow plan.

Steven Kounnas: You're able to provide a lot of value to those clients and, therefore,

Steven Kounnas: charging accordingly for this too or even pricing it at a high-level.

Steven Kounnas: These individually costs $100 each, so $200.

Steven Kounnas: But today, I'll give you 50 percent off,

Steven Kounnas: so I'll provide you both floor plans for a $100.

Steven Kounnas: Those pricing techniques provided a perceived value to

Steven Kounnas: your client with enough of a margin for you to still have value in your business.

Dan Smigrod: Excellent points. I'm going to comment, I think,

Dan Smigrod: on a number of things you've just described,

Dan Smigrod: Steven, and feel free to coming back here.

Dan Smigrod: At the end of the day, I know we're going to have viewers that say,

Dan Smigrod: "Please, just tell me how much to charge."

Dan Smigrod: I'm going to throw out some numbers for the United States: $49,

Dan Smigrod: $99, $149,

Dan Smigrod: $249, $299, $349,

Dan Smigrod: $399, $449, $499.

Dan Smigrod: Someplace in there is a price point that makes sense for you and you

Dan Smigrod: might start high knowing that you can always come down.

Dan Smigrod: You might surprise yourself in a market where you think,

Dan Smigrod: "Well, maybe I could get $99 for the floor plans."

Dan Smigrod: Start out at $199.

Dan Smigrod: Until somebody tells you 10 times over,

Dan Smigrod: 10 different clients tell you, "Sorry too much."

Dan Smigrod: then you can go change your pricing.

Dan Smigrod: But you might surprise yourself,

Dan Smigrod: the clients say yes.

Dan Smigrod: I think to Steven's point is,

Dan Smigrod: you may unbundle the 2D floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: the 3D floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: and the site plan.

Dan Smigrod: You may or may not choose to do that,

Dan Smigrod: but you might say,

Dan Smigrod: the floor plan has $99,

Dan Smigrod: the site plan is $99,

Dan Smigrod: the 3D floor plan is $99,

Dan Smigrod: and if you buy all three, it's $249.

Dan Smigrod: You've established a reference price of what each of those elements are worth,

Dan Smigrod: but still have a bundled price, so one price.

Dan Smigrod: Again, that $249 may not be the right price in your market based on the listings you do,

Dan Smigrod: the price points of your listing or the service level that gets provided to a client,

Dan Smigrod: but we're just trying to float some different pricing strategies.

Dan Smigrod: I would just run by just a couple of other thoughts here.

Dan Smigrod: You may choose to offer floor plans for free when you buy x bundle.

Dan Smigrod: If your bundle is typically Matterport, photos,

Dan Smigrod: and video in order to help get the client to go for that 3rd service,

Dan Smigrod: which maybe Matterport, maybe in the order.

Dan Smigrod: They want photos first,

Dan Smigrod: maybe they want video second,

Dan Smigrod: maybe they're going to get Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: Then if you can say and if you do my bundle photos,

Dan Smigrod: video, and Matterport,

Dan Smigrod: I will include floor plans.

Dan Smigrod: On your rate card, that might be a $249 item.

Dan Smigrod: All you wanted to really do with the floor plan, site plan,

Dan Smigrod: 3D floor plan was get your client to buy into your bundle.

Dan Smigrod: You're already going to drive to that location,

Dan Smigrod: you're going to be there,

Dan Smigrod: and you want to maximize the amount of money that you're going to earn for that job.

Dan Smigrod: You may only be able to shoot two or three jobs a day,

Dan Smigrod: wouldn't you rather just be on site and get paid for

Dan Smigrod: three different services knowing that something that costs you $16,

Dan Smigrod: that may have a perceived value in your market of

Dan Smigrod: $249 puts you over the top to get photos, videos and Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: I did mention that,

Dan Smigrod: I speak in nines,

Dan Smigrod: there's a lot of research about price points.

Dan Smigrod: If you're presently charging an even price of $10, $20, $30, $40,

Dan Smigrod: consider adding a nine,

Dan Smigrod: just Google marketing related to nines even in the Forum we've discussed it.

Dan Smigrod: You might use floor plans as a way to get pre-payment.

Dan Smigrod: If you want to get pre-paid,

Dan Smigrod: you might be offering floor plans as the mechanism to achieve that,

Dan Smigrod: you might charge per floor.

Dan Smigrod: We do have Matterport Service Providers that do this,

Dan Smigrod: I'm not making this stuff up.

Dan Smigrod: You're going to go shoot a three-level house and let's say,

Dan Smigrod: ultimately, you were going to charge.

Dan Smigrod: I'll make it simple, a $149 for a three-level house to do the floor plans.

Dan Smigrod: Then you can say,

Dan Smigrod: floor plans starting at $49,

Dan Smigrod: that's $49 per floor.

Dan Smigrod: If you know you're always shooting three-level homes for that client in your area,

Dan Smigrod: and it may make sense to position it as $49 a floor,

Dan Smigrod: and then the client goes, "Oh,

Dan Smigrod: that makes sense," because they're thinking,

Dan Smigrod: how hard is it for you to do this?

Dan Smigrod: Never mind that it takes two seconds to place the order with CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: - But the client's thinking in their head, well,

Dan Smigrod: if they do two floors are three floors,

Dan Smigrod: that's going to be more work,

Dan Smigrod: so they would logically charge me more for that.

Dan Smigrod: Think about, particularly if you're in

Dan Smigrod: a market where you're typically doing two and three levels,

Dan Smigrod: then it may make sense to charge by floor.

Dan Smigrod: Steven, I saw a little bit of a nod there.

Dan Smigrod: I think you actually like that one a little bit.

Steven Kounnas: - That's a good one. I hadn't really thought about that one,

Steven Kounnas: but it makes complete sense from a customer's point of view,

Steven Kounnas: how they're thinking about the value. It's a good strategy.

Dan Smigrod: - Thank you.

Dan Smigrod: Free when X happens.

Dan Smigrod: There's something you're trying to get the client to do,

Dan Smigrod: it may be you want them to pre-pay for the next 10 properties.

Dan Smigrod: Maybe we're getting to the end of the year and

Dan Smigrod: a client is on a cash basis on their taxes and they had a really great year.

Dan Smigrod: They want to pay you a lot of money in

Dan Smigrod: 2021 before December 31, 2021because they can deduct it from taxes.

Dan Smigrod: You might give them an incentive to say, "Hey,

Dan Smigrod: if you prepay us for

Dan Smigrod: 10 Matterport tours or more for the following year,

Dan Smigrod: then floor plans will be free for all your listings."

Dan Smigrod: Again, if you have a rate card that says you charge $249 for that,

Dan Smigrod: a client is thinking, "Well,

Dan Smigrod: I could do 10 pre-paid, that's $2,500.

Dan Smigrod: Well, that's cool. I'm going to get $2,500 in value in floor plans and site plans

Dan Smigrod: in the next year and all I need to do is prepay for 10 Matterport towards this year."

Dan Smigrod: "I like my photographer.

Dan Smigrod: I'm very happy, I know what my volume is going to be.

Dan Smigrod: Again, I had great 2021,"

Dan Smigrod: this is a real estate agent talking,

Dan Smigrod: "I'm on a cash basis,

Dan Smigrod: so I really do want to prepay,

Dan Smigrod: let's call it $5,000,

Dan Smigrod: to my photographer because I trust

Dan Smigrod: my photographer and I know I'm going to do business with them,

Dan Smigrod: and I can reduce my tax obligation in this calendar year and pick up value."

Dan Smigrod: That's an example of free when X happens,

Dan Smigrod: whatever X might be,

Dan Smigrod: and in that case I use pre-payment for multiple tours as an example. Do you like that one?

Steven Kounnas: - Yeah. That is a good one. There's also

Steven Kounnas: the alternative to that where you have a retainer.

Steven Kounnas: I'm not sure if that's on the list,

Steven Kounnas: but you have your monthly retainer at a smaller fixed rate.

Steven Kounnas: If you know that a client is doing 10 per month and you're charging $249,

Steven Kounnas: you offer them $1,999 fine,

Steven Kounnas: unlimited floor plans in that month and most likely going to cap out at 10 each time,

Steven Kounnas: but they're getting value and you're getting a locked in retainer as well.

Dan Smigrod: - Which may be a way to get the retainer in the first place is to say, look,

Dan Smigrod: if you pay me $2,000 a month as a retainer and

Dan Smigrod: we'll charge off your projects as you do them against that retainer,

Dan Smigrod: in exchange for that predictability for my income as a photographer,

Dan Smigrod: I'm going to offer you floor plans for

Dan Smigrod: all your listings during your retainer at no charge.

Dan Smigrod: Again, it depends on the client, it depends on you,

Dan Smigrod: your market, but there's ways to use floor plans where you don't have to charge.

Dan Smigrod: I think that's a good example of why you might say, well,

Dan Smigrod: in our market maybe floor plans are maybe $250,

Dan Smigrod: but I'm going to price them at $399 or $349,

Dan Smigrod: but I don't actually expect to sell any.

Dan Smigrod: I'm just using them as a tool to get a retainer or to get pre-paid.

Dan Smigrod: That way, I get to show a lot of value to the client because that's what I would charge

Dan Smigrod: otherwise even if you really don't expect to actually charge that and to your surprise,

Dan Smigrod: you might actually get that.

Dan Smigrod: I think a lot of photographers tend to under-price themselves, say,

Dan Smigrod: "I'm not worthy, I'm not good enough,"

Dan Smigrod: whatever voices are talking to you.

Dan Smigrod: What a great opportunity to experiment with floor plans as an Add On is

Dan Smigrod: charge more than you think you possibly could get and you might be surprised.

Dan Smigrod: Sampling, sometimes you've

Dan Smigrod: had a conversation with the client upfront

Dan Smigrod: where you're having so much conversation about photos,

Dan Smigrod: video, aerial, Matterport,

Dan Smigrod: you don't want to make their brain burst by giving them yet something else to buy,

Dan Smigrod: so offer floor plans after-the-fact.

Dan Smigrod: Go deliver the project that you promised your client.

Dan Smigrod: Then here's two options that I would suggest.

Dan Smigrod: One is that first time with that client,

Dan Smigrod: when you do that order,

Dan Smigrod: thank them for the business and send them the 2D floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: the 3D floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: the site plan, and just say, "Hey,

Dan Smigrod: thanks for your business,

Dan Smigrod: here it is, no charge.

Dan Smigrod: By the way, if you'd like to order that in the future,

Dan Smigrod: this is what I charge."

Dan Smigrod: That's why when I describe sampling,

Dan Smigrod: that's a way to,

Dan Smigrod: what did it cost you?

Dan Smigrod: It cost you $16 to send something that had a very high perceived value

Dan Smigrod: as a thank you gift to the client and

Dan Smigrod: that sampling might actually turn into future business.

Dan Smigrod: Then I think the two last things I would describe would be,

Dan Smigrod: for new clients,

Dan Smigrod: you might just offer the first ones free anyway.

Dan Smigrod: Give them something free.

Dan Smigrod: You might tell them that up front when they engage you,

Dan Smigrod: or if they engage you,

Dan Smigrod: or you might just deliver it as a thank you gift.

Dan Smigrod: I think the last thing that I have on my list, Steven, is differentiation.

Dan Smigrod: You talked about this earlier,

Dan Smigrod: that 2D floor plans, 3D floor plans,

Dan Smigrod: site plans are a way to differentiate yourself as a photographer to your client.

Dan Smigrod: It's also an opportunity for your client to

Dan Smigrod: differentiate themselves from a bazillion other real estate agents.

Dan Smigrod: I read an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal this year that there are

Dan Smigrod: more real estate agents in the United States

Dan Smigrod: today than there are actually properties for sale.

Dan Smigrod: That's a great statistic to get your head around.

Dan Smigrod: There are more real estate agents today than there are properties for sale today.

Dan Smigrod: If you were playing musical chairs,

Dan Smigrod: there's a lot of real estate agents

Dan Smigrod: that are not going to have a seat when the music ends.

Dan Smigrod: Real estate agents really need help

Dan Smigrod: differentiating themselves from every other real estate agent in their market.

Dan Smigrod: So if you can give them a tool so that when they go into a listing presentation,

Dan Smigrod: they're not only talking about why are we going to provide you with photos

Dan Smigrod: and video and aerial and this 3D walk around,

Dan Smigrod: but we also do these floor plans and

Dan Smigrod: this three-dimensional floor plan and we do the site plan.

Dan Smigrod: It's everything to help the agent win the listing,

Dan Smigrod: get bigger premium listings and to repeat that,

Dan Smigrod: to win more and bigger premium listings more often.

Dan Smigrod: Wow, you can do that with a $16 product from CAPTUR3D. Is that crazy?

Steven Kounnas: - It is pretty crazy.

Steven Kounnas: Just hearing you go through your different strategies,

Steven Kounnas: it's a really good reminder.

Steven Kounnas: The game that we are in isn't necessarily technology,

Steven Kounnas: it's relationships and all the things that we're

Steven Kounnas: doing when we're speaking with that client is building that rapport to build

Steven Kounnas: that relationship for trust because value your services and value

Steven Kounnas: your output because what you are creating is immensely

Steven Kounnas: valuable both to your client and to their client,

Steven Kounnas: whether it's the virtual tour,

Steven Kounnas: the drone, the photos,

Steven Kounnas: the floor plan, whatever it may be,

Steven Kounnas: you're creating an amazing amount of value.

Steven Kounnas: Don't hop on the value,

Steven Kounnas: focus on the relationship and all those strategies that

Steven Kounnas: then went through then are relationship building strategies,

Steven Kounnas: whether you're offering something for free to show,

Steven Kounnas: "hey, we can do this in the future."

Steven Kounnas: Or here are a few different options to help you stand out in a crowd.

Steven Kounnas: It's you helping your clients building that rapport and then building

Steven Kounnas: that reoccurring business from those individuals and over time,

Steven Kounnas: you're going to have a larger pool of individuals from to work with,

Steven Kounnas: but it's all about relationships.

Steven Kounnas: Use these full tools, $16 for a floor plan,

Steven Kounnas: it's not going to break the bank.

Steven Kounnas: Use it to build a stronger relationship.

Steven Kounnas: Than trying to get every cent out of every deal.

Steven Kounnas: Try and use it to make the bigger deal in the future.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I think I would add just one other thought to this, Steven,

Dan Smigrod: is there are so many Matterport Service Providers

Dan Smigrod: that are not presently offering floor plans.

Dan Smigrod: I could practically pull out my hair to go, "oh my gosh."

Dan Smigrod: Floor plans for $16 is a great example of an Add On that doesn't cost

Dan Smigrod: the photographer any time

Dan Smigrod: to actually do for the little bit that it took to order it, that's it.

Dan Smigrod: It barely cost any money, $16.

Dan Smigrod: So this is a great example of many possible Add Ons to offer clients.

Dan Smigrod: This is the one that absolutely should be added to your repertoire because,

Dan Smigrod: I think we could probably go through the math and say,

Dan Smigrod: "If you're presently doing Matterport and photos,

Dan Smigrod: adding floor plans might actually increase

Dan Smigrod: your gross revenue for the year by 50 percent or more.

Dan Smigrod: I think, if we actually did a Google Sheet and experimented with

Dan Smigrod: the numbers and we came out and said, okay,

Dan Smigrod: we're selling the Matterport tour for $250

Dan Smigrod: and we can get you $125 for 2D,

Dan Smigrod: 3D floor plans plus site plans,

Dan Smigrod: that just increased your revenue by 50 percent and your cost of goods sold,

Dan Smigrod: $16 is very little.

Dan Smigrod: We only did a little quick back of the napkin example,

Dan Smigrod: so if you're offering the 2D floor plan separately from the 3D floor plan,

Dan Smigrod: from the site plan,

Dan Smigrod: or you're charging by floor,

Dan Smigrod: I hate to make it complex but let's just say

Dan Smigrod: that through one of those conversations we had,

Dan Smigrod: you can actually end up getting $175.

Dan Smigrod: When you went out and did the Matterport tour for $250 dollars,

Dan Smigrod: that took you time to do.

Dan Smigrod: Floor plans don't take any time of the photographer.

Dan Smigrod: I just have to say,

Dan Smigrod: for every Matterport Service Provider,

Dan Smigrod: I challenge you to figure out a pricing strategy that works for you and experiment.

Dan Smigrod: It doesn't have to be that when you come up with a pricing strategy,

Dan Smigrod: that you got to live with it forever.

Dan Smigrod: Test and learn and see which one is

Dan Smigrod: the right price point or the right strategy or the right bundle that works for you,

Dan Smigrod: because floor plans has the potential to increase

Dan Smigrod: your annual gross revenue by 50 percent.

Dan Smigrod: I don't think I'm making that up,

Dan Smigrod: I think that that's actually doable, if not more.

Dan Smigrod: Steven, anything new that CAPTUR3D is working on,

Dan Smigrod: we'll put a bow in floor plans and move on.

Dan Smigrod: Anything else exciting that CAPTUR3D as coming that,

Dan Smigrod: we haven't previously talked about in one of our shows together?

Steven Kounnas: Yeah, there's always a lot that we're working on,

Steven Kounnas: but we can also speak about floor plans for weeks,

Steven Kounnas: I think, because there's just so much value in it.

Steven Kounnas: Really excited about a number of the new features that we're about to be

Steven Kounnas: releasing on CAPTUR3D and it's a bit of a sneak peak for

Steven Kounnas: our next show that would be running with We Get Around

Steven Kounnas: Network - WGAN-TV Live at 5 - in the not-so-distant future,

Steven Kounnas: just going to book it in then,

Steven Kounnas: is around our Creator Studio,

Steven Kounnas: which is the suite of services that we're creating with Matterport's SDK and API.

Steven Kounnas: We've bundled it all into what we are pointing as our Creator Studio.

Steven Kounnas: This is the virtual staging with a huge update to its efficiency and optimization.

Steven Kounnas: You may have tried some other virtual staging services in

Steven Kounnas: the past and a mobile that it seemed to work very well, they're quite laggy.

Steven Kounnas: We've got an amazing implementation that's solving for that,

Steven Kounnas: which we're really excited about.

Steven Kounnas: Media embed and our photos,

Steven Kounnas: which we went through earlier today.

Steven Kounnas: Our location-based audio.

Steven Kounnas: I'm really excited about this one,

Steven Kounnas: picking certain sweeps and placing audio tracks on top of them.

Steven Kounnas: As you move through a space, the museum,

Steven Kounnas: they fed the information of what you're looking

Steven Kounnas: at and how you're moving through that area.

Steven Kounnas: Custom tags, which allows you to change the icon,

Steven Kounnas: website embed, photo galleries,

Steven Kounnas: be able to click on a tag and have different sizes pop-up

Steven Kounnas: and different colors and a whole bunch of different animations through that process,

Steven Kounnas: changing the font, changing the language,

Steven Kounnas: and all the pieces around that as well.

Steven Kounnas: We are just days away from releasing all of

Steven Kounnas: these items into our Beta release space within CAPTUR3D.

Steven Kounnas: If you do want to get involved,

Steven Kounnas: we've got a Facebook group which is CAPTUR3D Community Group,

Steven Kounnas: CCG, please join there.

Steven Kounnas: A lot of deals go up there as well for floor plans and

Steven Kounnas: everything else and you get early access to our features.

Steven Kounnas: There's going to be a small announcement in the next week also on our Connect tool,

Steven Kounnas: around wayfinding, which is about to hit the market.

Steven Kounnas: Really excited for that as well.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I would say to our WGAN-TV viewers,

Dan Smigrod: if you're interested in wayfinding,

Dan Smigrod: augmented reality, Steven did a show.

Dan Smigrod: He's probably spent an hour talking with us about CAPTUR3D,

Dan Smigrod: I should say with the spelling,

Dan Smigrod: is CAPTUR3D, I struggle sometimes, so CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: I may be a little bit redundant there.

Dan Smigrod: CAPTUR3D, Steven did about an hour of WGAN-TV,

Dan Smigrod: speaking about Augmented Reality, AI,

Dan Smigrod: which wayfinding is one example of that.

Dan Smigrod: If you're interested in that show, go to:

Dan Smigrod: Go search the tag section of the Fourm - tags - and just put in CAPTUR3D

Dan Smigrod: that's one way to find all the posts about CAPTUR3D,

Dan Smigrod: or in the subject line you can put in CAPTUR3D,

Dan Smigrod: probably, AI and CAPTUR3D augmented reality and probably pick up that topic.

Dan Smigrod: Since we do transcribe all the shows,

Dan Smigrod: you could even type in

Dan Smigrod: "WGAN transcript" and you'd

Dan Smigrod: likely be able to scan the list of previous shows with CAPTUR3D in it.

Dan Smigrod: Wow, Steven,

Dan Smigrod: you mentioned some really exciting things.

Dan Smigrod: All those things you've described that's part of

Dan Smigrod: CAPTUR3D Creator Studio and so we

Dan Smigrod: should do a show on that WGAN-TV Live at 5, that's awesome.

Dan Smigrod: I think what I heard - which is just awesome -

Dan Smigrod: that adding audio to an individual scan.

Dan Smigrod: As I move through the space,

Dan Smigrod: perhaps a museum,

Dan Smigrod: and I'm standing in front of a painting just by stepping up to the painting,

Dan Smigrod: get the audio tour for that painting.

Steven Kounnas: That's correct. Then, you can also group a number of sweeps together.

Steven Kounnas: If we go back to real estate,

Steven Kounnas: you could group the kitchen, and the laundry room,

Steven Kounnas: and there's sweeps so when you enter in that space,

Steven Kounnas: you're taught about the bench tops and things and

Steven Kounnas: then talk about other areas when you move into it.

Steven Kounnas: We are really excited about this feature going live.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Then, I think I heard that MatterTags can be color...

Dan Smigrod: There's some variations that Matterport doesn't offer,

Dan Smigrod: that CAPTUR3D is offering.

Steven Kounnas: We wanted to make it a more customizable space.

Steven Kounnas: Think of it as almost Google Docs now.

Steven Kounnas: Customize your font, your colors,

Steven Kounnas: your languages, and then even with your embedding into it, being a lot easier.

Steven Kounnas: Photo galleries, websites, or within a tag,

Steven Kounnas: rather than taking you out of the tour,

Steven Kounnas: our goal is to get people to spend as much time in

Steven Kounnas: the tour as possible rather than taking them elsewhere.

Dan Smigrod: That sounds, if I have photos,

Dan Smigrod: I won't have to host the photos someplace else.

Steven Kounnas: ... Place them into CAPTUR3D and then

Steven Kounnas: create your photo albums through there.

Dan Smigrod: If I had been struggling,

Dan Smigrod: for we're to host my digital assets such as the photo or even a 360,

Dan Smigrod: that I could host the 360s, host photos,

Dan Smigrod: host documents, all within the CAPTUR3D platform.

Steven Kounnas: That's correct.

Dan Smigrod: Then have them embedded in the MatterTags.

Steven Kounnas: That's it.

Dan Smigrod: That's awesome. I'm looking forward to that WGAN-TV Live at 5 show on

Dan Smigrod: CAPTUR3D Creator Studio and we'll post in the when we schedule that.

Dan Smigrod: Is that cool?

Steven Kounnas: I'm adding two hours for that one.

Dan Smigrod: Really?

Steven Kounnas: No, no, I'm kidding. We'll see how we got.

Steven Kounnas: It's always good catching up and that's why.

Dan Smigrod: I love visiting with you.

Dan Smigrod: You always have such great stuff to the show for CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: Again, I just leave, maybe,

Dan Smigrod: the last thought before I ask you for your last thought.

Dan Smigrod: My last thought is,

Dan Smigrod: we've covered a lot of ground on: 7 Strategies to Sell

Dan Smigrod: Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: If you're not presently a CAPTUR3D customer,

Dan Smigrod: run, don't walk,

Dan Smigrod: to take advantage of a $90 free credit with CAPTUR3D.

Dan Smigrod: It's good for five free CAPTUR3D floor plans and they

Dan Smigrod: get back change because you won't even spend the full $90 on five floor plans,

Dan Smigrod: or you can use it

Dan Smigrod: on one of the other CAPTUR3D services,

Dan Smigrod: such as photo editing,

Dan Smigrod: lots of different services that CAPTUR3D offers.

Dan Smigrod: Use the WGAN affiliate link for CAPTUR3D, it's www.WGAN.INFO/CAPTUR3D

Dan Smigrod: Steven, before we say bye,

Dan Smigrod: anything else that we should talk about in today's show?

Steven Kounnas: I think we've covered it all. But just to reiterate.

Steven Kounnas: Using floor plans to build relationships is

Steven Kounnas: probably the most useful thing that I learned when I was a MSP.

Steven Kounnas: It creates a lot of value for your customer and if you can

Steven Kounnas: offer tools for free to win more listings off them,

Steven Kounnas: it's probably the most beneficial thing I could suggest.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Steven, thanks for being on the show today.

Steven Kounnas: Thanks for having me. It's always been great.

Dan Smigrod: We've been visiting with Steven Kounnas.

Dan Smigrod: Steven is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Dan Smigrod: for CAPTUR3D based in Melbourne, Australia.

Dan Smigrod: For Steven, I am Dan Smigrod,

Dan Smigrod: Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.
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