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Matterport Overlays Like MPembed with these features for an auction house? jamal2022 7 11 daysJuMP (1776): @jamal2022 We can offer special overlay for you, our coverpage for Matterport was developed at the same time of MPembed's beginning. Please refer below 4 years old post: We thought that MPembed was enough for the market and some functions in our solution would touch the TOS of Matterport so we stopped the develop of our coverpage system 4 years ago. The...
FREE Virtual Staging Post Production services by CAPTUR3D AlexHitchcock 6 6 monthsahojman (335): I did it. Glb was the answer. Glb and custom asset. Thanks!
Can you connect 5 spaces into one? kimhyunho 12 1 yearDataventurer (373): @CharlesHH Thanks for the reply! It sounds like the text-only switch is easy to set. I will keep your offer of help in mind if I run into hurdles in my next linked-spaces project.
New feature! Embeddable Booking System release from CAPTUR3D AlexHitchcock 3 3 yearsAlexHitchcock (328): Hi Bryan, thanks for your feedback! Yes, the Booking System is currently in Beta but we will be soon adding in end-to-end features such as invoicing/payment etc in the near future. I will be sure to keep you posted! Thanks, Alex
WGAN-TV CAPTUR3D Training for Matterport Pros | Wednesday, 14 August 2019 DanSmigrod 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28146): WGAN-TV CAPTUR3D Platform Training Week for Matterport Pros (Day 3 of 5) with Melbourne, Australia-based PHORIA Co-Founder and COO Steven Kounnas. ( CAPTUR3D is a PHORIA brand.)(Wednesday, 24 August 2019) Hi All, @Steven_Kounnas gave us a great demo of CAPTUR3D Content Management System on today's show (above): specifically how to: ✓ Order CAPTUR3D created Highlight Reel (Slideshow or Walkthrough) ✓ Order CAPTUR3D created...