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'Monthly Recurring Revenue' Topics

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Pricing on scanning restaurant? AerialWayz 7 1 yearAerialWayz (72): Hi @DanSmigrod, Many thanks for the links. Excellent info for me to go on. It was very helpful as the client is looking to pay a minimum of 3 years of hosting for about 7 different outlets. I am adding the GSV for the client. Thanks, John.
Is it standard within the industry to charge clients a monthly hosting fee? peanutismint 3 2 yearspeanutismint (25): Thanks for the advice but I’m not asking whether or not to charge hosting, but rather how much to charge/whether to make it different for one-off customers VS recurring listings such as in real estate?
Question of the Day: What tool(s) do you use to automate recurring billing? DanSmigrod 10 2 yearsGFHoge (162): Dan, Thank you again! It is good to see new posts of old subjects because your site is so rich with information, we don't always get it right away and new members get a reminder that it is there. Best $$ spent is your site with benefits I haven't used up yet! Geof
Matterport hosting question: if I set some of my spaces to private... Buschstu 9 3 yearsBuschstu (24): Dan thanks so much for your insights. I agree 100 percent on the recuring charge. Just hope i have not under priced the hosting so far .(At 10.00 for the year )That they will not want to pay higher monthly fees for hosting.Unless i lower the shooting fee.Nice thing is they cant make me re-shoot too much 1) they dont give much time before the move in to shoot 2) because once rented they have no acess