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'HDR' Topics

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Question of the Day: How long to shoot 2D DSLR photos/2,500 SQ FT Listing? DanSmigrod 3 3 yearsExpertise (1180): Depends on quality they paid for. If we're shooting all ambient it should be 45-60 minutes. Mid-level (ambient plus some on camera flash) will take 90 minutes. Ambient plus multiple flashes will take about 2 hours. We would typically deliver about 33 images on a nice 2500 SF house.
Aerial 360s for your Matterport tour Home3D 6 3 yearsGETMYVR (1889): I've tried this with the Zillow but for some reason it never registered to me, that I could do this too with my Theta Z1 with an extended pole, with Matterport, so thanks for the heads up on this @Home3D
An optimum time (after sunrise) to do 360s and NOT get nuclear windows? DanSmigrod 7 3 yearsWingman (4182): If it is the time I have specified above there will be no Sun blasting. The Sun will be still/already below horizon. If it is just for internal scans and in order to eliminate overexposed windows it will be much more than 27 minutes gap. Unless a property located in a flat area or on a hill with no trees around.
HDR photos from the InsideMaps 3D tour with your choice of DIY or Curated DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30102): WGAN-TV How to Shoot and Create InsideMaps 3D Tours for Free with an iPhone-#1693-HDR photos from the InsideMaps 3D tour with your choice of DIY or Curated Hi All, In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1693, above), InsideMaps Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Gabe Knox (@InsideMaps_Gabe) discusses HDR photos from the InsideMaps 3D tour with your choice of: 1. Let InsideMaps curate the HDR photos for you 2. DIY HDR photos To watch my...
Theta stitcher problem - help needed thereal360 9 4 yearsthereal360 (271): @DanSmigrod Yes they are helpful, but not the problem that I am expericing. I believe he is talking about using the DFE HDR option, where images are fused to one in camera. I did bracket option where i have 7 HDR's Theta stitcher seems very finicky I blended in LR. Manually megred a window with PS. made sure teh right dimensions are used and saved as tiff. Tried to stitch as plugin export and as in "edit in" menue in LR. Get the DNG...
Bracket shoots outside with wind and trees thereal360 16 4 yearsthereal360 (271): @Expertise was masking a problem? I know thats where I would have a problem...
Asteroom HDR image question thereal360 8 4 yearsEricTsai (171): great idea. that’s something we can definitely do
RE Photography? Flash or No flash? thereal360 19 4 yearsftosolini (268): @Wingman Yes, they merge and edit at $0.90 per image.
Video: The BEST Pro Virtual Tours HDR Workflow: Theta Z1 from Zero to Hero DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsWingman (4182): I actually think it can be applied to any 360 degree camera. Most of them has built in HDR but nobody's stopping us to turn it off and do some kind of bracketing shoots to combine them later. I may try my Pilot Era for that next week just to see a huge difference between Pilot Era HDR mode and manually taken 3-5-7 shots and combining them in Photomatix.
Video: Theta Stitcher 2.10 Supports HDR-DNG with Dual Fisheye Plugin 2.8 DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsron0987 (2851): Thank you for the input. Do you have a sample to show?
Ricoh Theta Z1 360 Stitched RAW files layers/masking within Photoshop? aabley 2 4 years360ignite (6): I don't think you can stitch the RAW files and keep them as that. You can have the stitched file as a TIFF 360ignite
Who shoots HDR real estate without a tripod?? Eladitems Jump to first page36Jump to last page 4 yearsJonJ (1760): I have been giving this a try, but for exteriors, I usually use an extension pole as I like the perspective better. For interiors, there are plenty of opportunities, but I find myself switching to the tripod for bathroom shots and closets that are not well lit. We have also had very cloudy skies in the last week due to a storm system coming. So, shutter times have been quite long for hand-held.
Thoughts on HDR for Listing Photos? briangreul 25 4 yearsExpertise (1180): Brian: I know what you're thinking... eye level is how we see the world, so cameras should be at around eye level. BUT- we are using ultra wide angle lenses and they distort the shit out of everything. Close things look HUGE, things on the other side of the room look tiny. Things on the edge of the frame are stretched like crazy. Height differences between the lens and nearby objects exacerbate the distortion. If you're 5 ft away from a...
what's the best ios app for taking HDR stills? denlee 3 4 yearsdenlee (208): Thanks, I did have the HDR turned on, but it doesn't do as well as Nodalview for stills.
Matterport and Ricoh Theta Z1 GPS? Astroprojector 6 4 yearsWingman (4182): It is possible as HDR seems to be internal feature on a camera sot it is triggered when a signal sent to make a shoot. Plugins are also can be turn on and off through a camera and work with a camera hard button. However since some of them(if not all) required a web interface to use them that may explain why they do not work with any 3rd party apps. @leonherbert, I have not had a chance to do it. I was focused on making it work with my RTK...
Error HDR stitching Lightroom via Ricoh Theta Stitcher johnstro12 3 4 yearsjohnstro12 (5): Thanks mate :) ;)problem solved :O :angel: :beer:
ErrorStitching HDR with Lightroom and Ricoh Theta Stitcher - Ricoh Theta Z1 Henri 3 4 yearsHenri (1): Thanks, it works!
Aurora HDR 2019 leeverdon 12 5 yearsleeverdon (323): @DanSmigrod Hi Dan, Just to clarify. The first image I sent on this thread was an unedited image straight out of Aurora using the 3 bracketed exposure images. I then tried the best I could to edit this image using Photoshop but the results were somewhat satisfactory but not good enough. I wanted to see if a service provider could do a better job. I sent them 3 random bracketed exposure images, the end result as shown in the last image I...
Does Matterport allow Theta Z1 to shoot in HDR? zacharysmiller 8 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30102): @Jwbuckl Thanks for clarifying. Much appreciated. Dan
Giraffe 360º Camera - 3rd Generation 2-button LiDAR Scanner-HDR 96 MP DanSmigrod 11 5 yearsPeterWolf (102): This is indeed different from what I have seen: Neat! Only that you have to hit the disks to move.
Matterport-Photographer-Videographer-Drone Pilot Pro Wanted: Charlotte, NC DanSmigrod 3 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30102): This opportunity has been handled. Thanks, Dan
Matterport Windows and Lights Seem Worse. For you too? mykals21 15 6 yearsRichierichks (715): @mykals21 If you use WP3D it has the basic version of MPEmbed built into it. Under the "Model" tab you will see a drop down for "Customize Showcase". This will turn on all of the basic functions of MPEmbed. @leeverdon If the bottom one is the "New Improved" processing, I think they may have turned the knob the wrong way since that is clearly way more blown out and less detailed in the bright areas!
Matterport or DSLR HDR? rzphotoman 18 6 yearsHome3D (3761): Most of my clients represent high-end properties averaging about $3M and ranging from 2500 to over 12,000 sq ft. They expect the best in each of the products I deliver, MP, HDR photos and professional video. In this regard, only RAW format stills and the dynamic latitude they provide when processed through Lightroom and Photoshop achieve the professional level required. I shoot with the Sony a7sii as it's incredible low-light sensitivity...
Matterport High-End LiDAR Camera Competitor? DanSmigrod Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 yearsBill (285): It sure does sound like Effortless Very unusual approach to try to convince investors in asking consumers to invest in something that may or may not happen. I'd look for other investors. The mere fact Matterport has such a large market share would surely insure lesser risk if any competitor comes out with more for less. And IMO the company should not be hiding behind anonymous...