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'GIF' Topics

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Re-scans not Updating MP4 Movie and GIF PropertyGuyCLT 6 2 yearsCharlesHH (609): I have found the auto videos and anigifs to be useless recently. Starting and ending in odd places. Today I did a Porsche dealership and the anigif opens and ends at the doorway to a sales office! Previous scan of really beautiful offices chose to start in a coffee corner!
Video: How to Make a GIF DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (27408): How to make a GIF | Video courtesy of How to Do It All YouTube Channel Hi All, Here is the companion CNET article (20 July 2019): ✓ 4 ways to make a GIF without Photoshop Got a Matterport 3D Tour GIF? Please share it here. Dan Special Offer for WGAN Basic, Standard and...
Any 3rd-party services associated with this forum do custom gifs? Queen_City_3D 3 4 yearsGetABetterSite (28): @Queen_City_3D I guarantee that you can make these gifs unless your computer has very low performance. Essentially download a screen capture software like this for example. Then go to giphy and convert the video to a GIF. if you have any questions on how to use either of those programs then feel free to [Private Message me].
Question of the Day: Your thoughts about Matterport auto-generated videos? DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsJune (411): Just download all your snapshots that you took in workshop and use movie maker or something like that, add Royalty Free music....opening text and closing text and viola you have your own video.
Missing Teaser Video/GIF...? Queen_City_3D 1 4 yearsQueen_City_3D (2901): This seems odd... I had a Matterport model process where the teaser video/gif file started in the bedroom. This particular client really likes the gifs to send out in their emails and so, because the look wasn't ideal, we slightly tweaked some trim lines and reprocessed (hoping to get a teaser that started in the kitchen as they typically do). Oddly enough, when the model final re-processed, there was no teaser video/gif file at all the...
IceCream Screen Recorder, Anyone using? VTLV 7 5 yearsVTLV (2570): Looks like Techsmith Capture App could work with Snagit.
Instagram Upload work arounds? JakeRees 5 5 yearsJakeRees (93): I figured it out- Download giphy to your phone- Upload the gif/video from your phone or computer, then select the... off to the side after facebook and wechat and the instagram logo will show up, click the instagram logo and the gif will open in instagram ready to be posted. Much easier than all the other ways I was trying from the internets...
Matterport GIF: I Wished that they Looped DanSmigrod 7 5 yearsmori (791): As long as you can not control the content of the GIF or more important the movies by e.g. setting the best viewpoints for these or have the option to create a highlights reel just for the GIF and movies I think it´s not a really useful feature by now. Here a small reminder: MP announced FULL & DIRECT tour support for Facebook some ages ago. To often the GIF and movies are showing not the best views of the space, so you had to do...
Download All Snapshots from Workshop danmorell 4 6 yearsdanmorell (73): Thanks @htimsabbub23! & @rpetersn!
Matterport + .GIF Work-Flow Recommendation DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (27408): Do you have a Matterport + .GIF work-flow recommendation? Instead of using a text link (to 3D Showcase) in an eBlast, we'd like to suggest our client use a .GIF (to the 3D Showcase). In addition to the eBlast, where else might the .GIF of a 3D Showcase be useful ...? Thanks, Dan